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LABOAO Mammalian Cell Cutrue Glass and Stainless Steel  Bioreactors Fermenter
LABOAO Mammalian Cell Cutrue Glass and Stainless Steel Bioreactors Fermenter
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    LABOAO Mammalian Cell Cutrue Glass and Stainless Steel  Bioreactors Fermenter

    Mammal cell bioreactor (stainless steel, top entry magnetic drive, safe and efficient, simple and elegant). Applied for production systems of  mammal and animal cell cultures through batch feeding or continuous perfusion.
    1. The culture of marine organisms, especially the cells and tissues of microalgae and macroalgae, is a research focus all over the world. Among them, some secondary metabolites such as marine terpenoids are widely studied secondary metabolites.
    2. The photobioreactor is suitable for culture of algae cells and tissues. It adopts a long and narrow tank with a total volume of 3.6L and tank cover specification of 11 SNW. It is provided with specially designed low position cooling jacket and outer casing type light source to ensure the transmission effect of lighting. It has various types of mixing paddles for selection such as flat paddle, bevel paddle and turbine paddle. The light intensity can be adjusted freely according to the percentage, it can simulate various lighting modes, such as day and night alternation.
    3. Technical parameters: three fluorescent lamps (8W) are provided as standard configuration, or products can be customized according to customer requirements. The light intensity is adjustable.
     1. Siemens PLC control system + vinylon LCD touch screen, is used to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation. you can use USB for data transmission, sampling and displaying tank data, browsing and analyzing system data, reading settings.
    2. Each tank is equipped with 4 peristaltic pumps beside the front tank, which can supply acid, alkali, defoamer and culture medium to the fermentation tank.
    3. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer.
    4. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated into the fermentation system.
    5. Using off-position sterilization magnetic stirring method, which has a simple structure and stable operation.
    Name In-situ sterilization magnetically stirred glass fermentation tank (vertical) In-situ sterilization mechanically stirred glass fermentation tank (vertical)
    Volume X=3/5/7/10/15L
    Material 316 stainless steel temperature control jacket + high boron glass
    Stirring method Magnetic coupling at the bottom drives mechanical stirring at the top Shaft coupling drive top mechanical agitation
    Sterilization method In situ sterilization
    basic configuration Temperature, speed, PH, dissolved oxygen, replenishment, defoaming, air flow (manual), tank pressure (manual)
    Control System LBR-B, S biological process controller
    power 220V/2KW
    Shape space 900*550*1100mm
    net weight 150kg
    Scalable configuration Liquid level control, feeding and weighing system, two-way feeding, online detection of methanol and ethanol content, exhaust O2 and CO2 detection, etc.

    Zhengzhou Laboao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd (LABOAO) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, import and export, and is a leading laboratory equipment solution provider in China. LABOAO is headquartered in Zhengzhou, China. It has a group of excellent management and technical personnel who strive for excellence and constantly pursue progress and innovation. After fifteen years of hard work, it has achieved sustained and steady development, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, etc. 150 countries, we are working hard to establish a global regional service agency to provide better services and products for global customers.

    The company has always adhered to the corporate tenet of "innovative technology, life first", focusing on laboratory research, life science, biomedical engineering and other fields, focusing on continuous innovation and development, improving the technical content of products, enriching product categories, realizing product upgrades, and gradually strengthening the enterprise. Core competitiveness, LABOAO regards product quality as the vitality of the enterprise, all our products have undergone strict testing and quality inspection, and have established a set of strict internal quality control system in accordance with international quality standards, and meet strict international standards. So far, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, EU CE, SGS, TUV, CNAS and other certifications.

    LABOAO's main business involves laboratory instruments/consumables, life science instruments, chemical analysis instruments, optical instruments, medical equipment, drug inspection instruments, agricultural instruments, food inspection instruments and other industry-related instruments. Our products are widely used in laboratories, scientific research institutions, universities, chemical companies, hospitals, new energy, agriculture, food, metallurgy and mining, construction, petroleum and other industries.

    The company introduces world-class automated production equipment and production technology, and continuously expands production capacity to meet customer needs. The investment of advanced production equipment and software facilities makes the enterprise more international standardization and standardization. LABOAO actively carries out various cooperations such as OEM and ODM with world-renowned enterprises. In continuous practice and application, LABOAO will continue to provide high-quality products and services to global customers.
    Our company has 78 employees and 20 R&D teams. More than 85% of the company's employees have more than three years of professional foreign trade experience. 10% of the annual sales are focused on product development and improvement. We believe that only excellent teams can High quality service is good for customers.

    We advocates the corporate spirit of "integrity, dedication, integrity, cooperation". With its rich network marketing experience, corporate strategic management and talent advantages, the company constantly explores the past, forms an international channel brand, and incubates international brands with Internet thinking. Mission, strive to achieve our vision of redefining the premium and impact of Chinese products in the global market!
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