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www.bio-equip.com was established in the early days of the Internet in July 1998. Since the beginning of the company, the mission of “serving life sciences and serving high-quality suppliers” has never changed. For more than two decades, Bio-Equip has been providing users in various fields (such as life sciences, medicine research, biological pharmacy, bio-engineering, modern agriculture, food safety, environmental monitoring and forensic science, etc) with industrial information related to devices and instruments, reagents, consumables, lab animals, cell lines, books, biological R&D service, second-hand instruments, instrument repairs and rental services, etc. Visitors mainly come from companies and education institutions, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, centers for disease control, inspection & quarantine, environmental monitoring, food inspection, and manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of instruments.

There are two versions of the website: the Chinese version (bio-equip.com) and English version (bio-equip.cn); The website also adapts to both PC and Mobile devices (m.bio-equip.com).

The Chinese version (www.bio-equip.com) consists of the following sections: vendor database, instruments/reagents/consumables database, technical Bioservice database, industrial information, conferences/exhibitions, new product/technology announcements, technical documents and specifications, featured product videos, talent recruitment, and supply/demand forum. So far over 35,000 companies have registered as members and provided over 100,000 product entries. The daily visits exceed over 60,000 and the total cumulated number of sales inquiries exceed over 200,000 times. Most of the visitors are decision makers with purchase intention .

The English version (www.bio-equip.cn), established in 2006, aims to provide service for global researchers and international trading enterprises. Until August 2020, over 1,000 companies (both domestic and international) have registered as members, covering the fields of manufacturing, sales and distributing of instruments/reagents with over 100,000 product entries. Total number of sales inquiries exceed over 30,000 times. The clients come from more than 110 countries, including India, Pakistan, US, Nigeria, UAE, Philippines, Iran, Kenya, UK, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Australia and so on. www.bio-equip.cn has become a window for the Chinese products to go abroad and the overseas products to enter China.

The mobile version (WAP): was released to adapt the development of mobile internet and make mobile users more convenient, Bio-Equip launched the mobile version (WAP) both in Chinese and English in 2016, which accommodates for all kinds of mobile devices including cell phones, tablets, etc . The content of mobile version is up-to-date with the PC version

The website is maintained by Shanghai Beiyi Bioequip Information Company Limited. It is our responsibility and purpose to provide visitors with accurate and reliable information services and ensure 7 x 24 stable operation of the site. We will do everything we can to provide the best services to our customers. In addition, we welcome all kinds of collaborations and business inquiries, and let us work together to contribute to the development of life sciences.

Welcome to join hands with us to contribute to the development of life sciences!

Contact us
Shanghai Beiyi Bioequip Information Co.,Ltd
26B Yuhua Building,No.366 zhaojiabang Road,
Shanghai, 200031, P.R.China
Tel: +86-21-64166852, Ext: 808
Mobile: +86 17717806891 (Wechat)

生物器材网 创建于互联网的早期时代1998年7月,建站20多年来,秉承“为生命科学服务,为优质厂商服务” 的宗旨,面向生命科学、医学研究、生物制药、生物工程、现代农业、食品安全、环境监测、公安司法等领域的用户,提供仪器设备、试剂、耗材、实验动物、细胞株、软件、图书、生物研发服务、二手仪器、仪器维修、租赁等信息和行业资讯,访问者主要来自于大学、研究所、医院、制药厂、疾控中心、检验检疫、环境监测、食品检测、仪器生产制造、销售、代理、经销等机构和企业。


中文版 建于1998年,由供应商数据库、仪器试剂耗材产品数据库、技术服务数据库、行业资讯、会议展览、新品关注、技术文章、视频精选、人才招聘、供求论坛等栏目组成。目前已有3万余家企业注册会员并提供了100多万条产品信息,日访问量超过6万次,历年累计客户询价20余万条。访问者多数是有采购意向的决策者。

英文版 建于2006年,服务于全球的科研人员和国际贸易企业。截至2020年8月,已有1000多家中外企业注册成为会员,包括仪器试剂的生产、销售、代理商等,收录了10万多条产品信息,累计客户询价3万余条。已有来自世界各地110个国家的客户同中国企业进行交流和洽谈贸易。如今英文版已成为本行业中国产品走向世界和国外产品进入中国的窗口。




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