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M1324R High-Speed Microcentrifuge
M1324R High-Speed Microcentrifuge
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RWD Life Science
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    M1324R Microcentrifuge (Refrigerated optional), at speeds up to 15,000 rpm, is ideal for life science research and production in industries such as biology, chemistry, materials science, bioengineering, and biopharmaceuticals. The compact design can be fit to your labs capacity needs, even in the smallest laboratory or cold room. All the functions are designed according to your needs, which simplify the centrifugation.



    Smart touchscreen functionality
    • Easily set or change set-points on a 4.3-inch touch screen menu.
    • The intelligent touch screen interface is designed to provide complete data visibility to create all needed setpoints like temperature, speed, and time spun.
    • Combination of buttons and touch interaction.
    • Instantaneous centrifugal button design, press and hold to centrifuge according to the required
    Quick refrigeration (optional)
    • The temperature control range is from -10 C° to +40 C°. It only takes 8 Minutes to get from room temperature to 4 C°.
    • Refrigeration is optional as a non refrigerated unit is also available to purchase.
    Preprogram and save time
    • The display allows users to preprogram up to 30 programs to save time when doing repetitive tasks
    Consider capacity and speed
    • The unit is able to spin up to 24 X 1.5/2.0mL tubes.
    • This is higher than most units at 18 tubes and can greatly increase throughput. • Lightweight rotors are designed to provide acceleration up to 21,130 x g.
    • Less vibration and low noise, reducing the impact on samples and users.
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy rotor is durable and autoclavable.
    • It can automatically stand by without using for 8 hours, saving energy and prolonging the service life.
    Safety in mind
    • Multiple abnormal alarm including over-speed, over-temperature, as well as unbalance ensure the safety of the user. While mentioning it has a secure lid seems almost trivial it is always important to consider as it as the easiest way to achieve the highest safety conditions in microcentrifugation. It is a simple thing that can save a life should anything ever go wrong along the way.

    Temperature range:  -10℃ to 40℃
    Max. speed: 15000 rpm (21130×g)
    Max. capacity: 1.5/2mL×24
    Display: Touch screen, resolution 800×480px
    Program:12 set
    Dimension (W*H*D): 304mm*304mm*517mm
    Weight: 33kg
    Available mode
    M1324R - Refrigerated Microcentrifuge (Rotor with Aerosol-tight Lid, M-F24G)
    M-F24G - Aerosol-tight Lid, 24 × 1.5/2 mL EP tube rotor
    M-F24 - 24×1.5/2 mL EP tube rotor
    M-F4PCR - 4 × PCR tube rotor
    M-F18Kit - 18 × spin column rotor

    Application for this unit include nucleic acid and protein preparation:
    • Pelleting
    • Extractions
    • Purifications
    • Concentrations
    • Phase separations
    • Receptor binding
    • Rapid sedimentation of precipitates, particulates, and cell debris
    RWD Life Science specializes in life science, animal healthcare, and medical devices. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen, our products and services cover more than 100 countries and regions. We are dedicated to contributing our wisdom and effort to the improvement of the quality of life. Moreover, we are firmly committed to being a globally-advanced science enterprise.

    Oriented by customer demands and motivated by excellent talents, RWD is continuously establishing long-term partnerships with domestic and foreign universities. We also invest in our R&D to achieve innovation in our products, technologies, and service. We aim to provide solutions with higher quality to our customers.

    Based on the Chinese market and serving customers around the world, RWD has not only achieved a strong reputation and advantage in the fields of respiratory anesthesia, neuroscience research, animal behaviour research, surgery and nursing, and pathological analysis, but also gained theconstant trust and support from our domestic and foreign customers after our efforts during the past 17 years.

    Looking into the future, we shall adhere to the core values of quality, integrity, responsibility and contribute to the advancement and development of pre-clinic and medical clinic applications.
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