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Promotion of PRP Centrifuge Machine-2024 Big Shock is Coming

Hits:368   Date: 3/18/2024
Activity Period: From Now until April 30th, 2024
Activity 1 (Discount):

GYTD-4 Centrifuge Benchtop low speed,the original price Exworks Pirce is USD315/Set.
Purchase now Exworks USD129/set, Above 5pcs (including) USD119/set

 GYTD-4(Blue Cover)    GYTD-4(White Cover)

Activity 2 (Reward for gifts):

1. During this activity,once you purchase our products such as PRP centrifuge machine,Chromatography Refrigerator,Snowflake ice makers,Laboratory refrigerator&freezer,  and Surgical Slush Machine(Combinable) for over Exworks USD7000, you will be randomly given one set of GYTD-4 low-speed centrifuge as a gift.

2. During this activity,once you purchase our PRP centrifuge series over Exworks USD3000,you will receive a random gift of 1 set of GYTD-4 low-speed centrifuge.

Low Speed Centrifuge
Low Speed
(Refrigerated) Centrifuge
High Speed
High Speed
(Refrigerated) Centrifuge

1. This promotion is not used in combination with other activities.
2. All purchased products are guaranteed in quality.
3. The right to interpret activities ultimately belongs to our company. 

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