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H2500R-2 High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
H2500R-2 High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
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    1) Automatic rotor identification system.
    2) Entered data and operated data can display through LCD.
    3) The operation data of main engine and rotor can be stored automatically .The service life of the rotor can be calculated automatically.
    4) The brushless direct drive electromotor with frequency conversion, which has high torque and short acceleration time.
    5) Imbalance, automatic door interlock, over temperature and over speed protective function for the safety of people and instrument.
    6) RCF value can be set directly for centrifuging operation without speed setting.
    7) The imported refrigeration system without Freon for the purpose of environment protection.
    1) Max Speed: 25000r/min
    2) Max RCF: 64800xg (24x1.5/2ml 25000r/min)
    3) Max Capacity: 4x1000ml
    4) Speed Accuracy: ±30r/min
    5) Acc/Dec: The Time of Acc/Dec can be Set freely
    6) The Fast ACC Time: 1 min 30s (0-25000r/min)
    7) The Fast Dec Time: 1 min 40s (25000r/min-0)
    8) The Dimension of Temperature Setting: -200C-+400C
    9) Temperature Accuracy: ±10C
    10) Refrigeration system: Non-Freon Refrigeration System
    11) Time Range: 0-23h 59min
    12) Power Supply: AC220v 50Hz
    13) Noise: <65dB (A)
    14) Dimension: 710 x 820 x 950mm (L x W x H)
    15) Weight: 290kg
    No1 Max speed: 25000r/min; Max RCF: 64800xg; Capacity: 24x1.5/2ml; Tube: 11x37mm; Material: titanium alloy
    No2 Max speed: 23000r/min; Max RCF: 60460xg; Capacity: 18x10ml; Tube: 16x83mm; Material: titanium alloy
    No3 Max speed: 20000r/min / 21000r/min; Max RCF: 46420xg / 52356xg; Capacity: 8x50ml; Tube: 29x105mm; Material: aluminum alloy/ titanium alloy/carbon fiber
    No4 Max speed: 16000r/min; Max RCF: 36410xg; Capacity: 4x250ml; Tube: 62x134mm; Material: titanium alloy; Remake: ELC
    No5 Max speed: 14000r/min; Max RCF: 30070xg; Capacity: 6x250ml; Tube: 62x134mm; Material: aluminum alloy/ carbon fiber; Remake: ELC
    No6 Max speed: 10000r/min; Max RCF: 17700xg; Capacity: 6x500ml; Tube: 69x160mm; Material: aluminum alloy/ carbon fiber; Remake: ELC
    No7 Max speed: 8000r/min; Max RCF: 12040xg; Capacity: 4x1000ml; Tube: 98x175mm; Material: aluminum alloy/carbon fiber; Remake: ELC
    NO8: Max speed 5000r/min; Max RCF: 5470xg; Capacity: 4x750ml
    NO9: Max speed 4000r/min; Max RCF: 2200xg; Capacity: micro plates 2x2x96
    NO10: Max speed: 14000r/min; Capacity: 21500xg; Max RCF: 1000ml; Standard Flow: 200-600ml/min; Material: aluminum alloy
    NO11: Max speed: 8000r/min; Capacity: 9500xg; Max RCF: 3000ml; Standard Flow: 200-800ml/min; Material: aluminum alloy
    NO12: Max speed: 16000r/min; Capacity: 28100xg; Max RCF: 1000ml; Standard Flow: 200-600ml/min; Material: titanium alloy
    NO13: Max speed: 10000r/min; Capacity: 14800xg; Max RCF: 3000ml; Standard Flow: 200-800ml/min; Material: titanium alloy
    XiangYi Centrifuge Instrument CO., LTD., which is located in the high and new technology industrial development zone of Changsha, is a shareholding system company that is reformed and set up on the basis of Hunan Instrument and Meter General Factory. And she is a high technology industry mainly engaged in manufacturing centrifuge with over 30 years. The first refrigeration centrifuge (50000 r/min) and high-speed refrigerated centrifuge (20000 r/mins) in China were all made in Xiangyi.

    Our company is rich in scientific research strength, equipped with superior equipments and advanced apparatus.

    Cooperated with domestic famous university on technology to produce the microprocessor control high-speed refrigerated centrifuge with frequency conversion, the low-speed large capacity refrigerated centrifuge and other centrifuges in recent years. Xiangyi also has taken the lead in realizing that all serials of centrifuge with no brush. Our company holds a leading position in the centrifuge competence of technical feature in China and has adopted high and new technology to manufacture serials of oscillators (tabletop) and serials of biochemistry incubators. The centrifuges made by our company have widely applied in universities, colleges, scientific research institutions, bio-pharmaceuticals, central blood stations and hospitals in China.

    “Quality is the highest request, empressement is the foundation” is our motto. We will base on our country; move towards the world to face the future, offer the first-class products and first-class prestige to our customers.

    Leading technology is the reliable assurance for our company to catch up with the domestic and international advanced technology of centrifuge. Innovating constantly is the eternal pursuit for our company to develop continuously. We will step steadily for setting up the largest laboratory Instrument production base in China.
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