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Heating and Cooling Reactor Module
Heating and Cooling Reactor Module
Place of Origin:
United Kingdom
Uniqsis Ltd.
Polar Bear Plus Flow™
Uniqsis Ltd.
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    The Polar Bear Plus FlowTM is a state-of-the-art heating and cooling reactor module for flow chemistry applications.

    The instrument was developed by Cambridge Reactor Design in collaboration with Professor Steve Ley's Innovative Technologies Centre (ITC) at CAmbridge University

    Remarkably, although not much bigger than a shoe box, this compact and portable unit can maintain reactor temperatures anywhere between -40oC and +150oC!

    The Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor is easy to use and is completely self-contained, requiring only an electricity supply for operation - no cardice, refrigerants or messy heat transfer fluids!

    Compatible with all standard Uniqsis coil and chip reactors, the Polar Bear Plus Flow makes an ideal and flexible addition to an existing FlowSyn. Alternatively, this reactor module can be combined with a Uniqsis Binary Pump Module as the basis for a modular flow reactor system (FlowLab Plus).

    Compact and portable: base unit not much bigger than a shoe box!
    Wide temperature range: -40°C to +150°C
    No icing-up! - a nitrogen purge can be connected to ensure that the reaction remains clearly visible
    Compatible with all standard Uniqsis FlowSyn coil and chip reactors

    Founded in January 2007, UK, Uniqsis is committed to developing innovative flow chemistry products for customers in the chemical research and biopharmaceutical sectors. This commitment is exemplified by the FlowSyn range of fully integrated flow reactors, designed and manufactured by Uniqsis, and now the research tool of choice for many research chemists across the world.
    With our head office located in Cambridge, UK we are an internationally represented company with a global distribution network. Countries currently without a local Uniqsis distributor are serviced directly from our offices in the UK. For a full list of distributors please visit http://www.uniqsis.com/cpDistributors.aspx
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