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Kilogram Scale Flow Chemistry System
Kilogram Scale Flow Chemistry System
Place of Origin:
United Kingdom
Uniqsis Ltd.
FlowSyn Maxi
Uniqsis Ltd.
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    Increase your productivity to multi kg per day!

    FlowSyn Maxi combines all the benefits of our entry level FlowSyn system with higher capacity (up to 100 ml/min) to deliver a versatile and highly productive continuous flow reactor for scale up and  high throughput reactions. 

    FlowSyn’s high resolution user interface quickly guides you through the process for setting up a flow chemistry reactions. Once set up, FlowSyn Maxi automatically runs the experiment unattended, ensuring that critical parameters remain within defined limits.

    Increase reactor capacity and throughput by adding up to 2 HotCoils. Compatible with FlowSyn Multi-X for reaction optimisation and FlowSyn Auto-LF for library synthesis.

    Carry out superheated reactions up to +260°C (1400 psi) and cooled reactions down to -70°C
    Combine with FlowSyn Polar Bear™ for high throughput low temperature reactions down to -88°C
    Choose from FlowSyn’s wide range of reactor modules to suit your application

    Founded in January 2007, UK, Uniqsis is committed to developing innovative flow chemistry products for customers in the chemical research and biopharmaceutical sectors. This commitment is exemplified by the FlowSyn range of fully integrated flow reactors, designed and manufactured by Uniqsis, and now the research tool of choice for many research chemists across the world.
    With our head office located in Cambridge, UK we are an internationally represented company with a global distribution network. Countries currently without a local Uniqsis distributor are serviced directly from our offices in the UK. For a full list of distributors please visit http://www.uniqsis.com/cpDistributors.aspx
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