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lab dry bath type nitrogen Blow Down sample concentrator nitrogen evaporator
lab dry bath type nitrogen Blow Down sample concentrator nitrogen evaporator
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    nitrogen blowing sample concentrator Evaporator machine

    Product Description


    Nitrogen blowing instruments are mainly used for concentrated preparation of large quantities of samples, such as drug screening, hormone analysis, sample preparation in liquid, gas and mass spectrometry. Working principle: By blowing nitrogen into the surface of the heated sample, the solvent in the sample is quickly evaporated and separated, thereby achieving the purpose of anaerobic concentration of the sample and keeping the sample more pure. The use of a nitrogen blower instead of a conventional rotary evaporator for concentration can simultaneously concentrate dozens of samples, which greatly shortens the sample preparation time, and is characterized by time saving, easy operation, and quickness.

    Main features:


    •  Each purging needle can be controlled independently, with 12 airway control switches, no waste of gas.
    • The heater heats the sample to the evaporating temperature quickly and efficiently, while the gas is blown from the gas chamber through the gas needle to the surface of the solution, facilitating rapid evaporation of the solution and concentration of the sample.
    •  The entire working system consists of an adjustable gas chamber and heater.
    •  The position of the gas needle in the air chamber can be changed to suit different test tubes. The standard gas needle length is 150mm.
    •  The height of the air chamber can be adjusted according to the liquid level of the solvent. When the toxic solvent is concentrated, the whole system can be placed in the fume hood.
    • Automatic fault detection and alarm function.
    •  Standard air chamber and special adjustable bracket.
    •  Built-in over-temperature protection device.
    •  Instant temperature display and time decrement display.


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