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Vacuum spray freeze drying machine
Vacuum spray freeze drying machine
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    SFD-3000 laboratory freeze spray dryer is suitable for low temperature drying of heat sensitive, viscous, active materials and materials with high sugar content, such as Chinese herbal medicine natural product extract, dairy products, biological preparations, enzyme preparations, fruit juice, Polymer materials, etc.



    1. SFD-3000 experimental type freeze spray dryer combines spray drying and vacuum freeze-drying organically. The required drying time is extremely short, which greatly shortens the traditional vacuum freeze-drying time and the dried materials. As a powdery solid, the original biological and chemical properties of the frozen-dried articles are basically unchanged, easy to preserve for a long time, and can be restored to the form before lyophilization after adding water, and can maintain its original biochemical characteristics;
    2. This machine adopts air-cooled condensing type totally enclosed compressor refrigeration system, with rapid cooling, low temperature of icing device, strong ability to absorb water, and temperature and vacuum display are all digital, accurate and intuitive;
    3. The frozen spray-dried article is naturally sublimated by air to maintain the safety of the sample;
    4, the main machine is equipped with a vacuum pump power plug, no need to connect another power supply, easy to use;
    5. Vacuum connection adopts international common standard clamp, which is convenient and reliable;
    6. stable performance, easy operation, low noise;
    7. Fast freezing spray drying Compared with traditional freeze-drying machine: it can quickly freeze-dry (liquid juice, traditional Chinese medicine extract, etc.) on liquid materials with easy-to-stick wall and organic matter, and the finished product in dry state is in a granular state with good fluidity. The particle size can be adjusted within a certain range.


    More Spray Dryer Inforamtion:
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