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Microarray Scanners
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Agilent Technologies
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    Category Name:Microarray Scanners
    New enhancements make scanning a breeze...and more enabling! Built on a strong engineering foundation and years of experience in the microarray scanner market, Agilent unleashes an enhanced-feature, powerful, fully-automated scanner with walk-away freedom.
    The new, enhanced DNA microarray scanner is the first 48-slide scanning system that can read any mix of 1” x 3” glass slide microarrays (both Agilent and non-Agilent) and seamlessly feature extract them all using Agilent''s Feature Extraction Software.
    Get the benefits of enhanced sensitivity with industry-first Dynamic Autofocus along with advanced analysis software that together deliver more meaningful results.
    Features: Performance
    ·Uniform Images & Enhanced Sensitivity-- Dynamic autofocus continually adjusts to keep features in focus while scanning. This minimizes the effects of gradients and aberrations associated with glass slides, and results in improved uniformity and enhanced sensitivity.
    ·Low Level Detection -- Optimized precision optics, broad dynamic range and minimal spectral cross talk allow users to detect weak features and achieve rapid, accurate and dependable results.
    ·Fast Scanning - Simultaneous 2-color scanning at 10 micron resolution, in about 8 minutes per slide for fast results.
    ·Laser-Saver Feature - Programmable to turn on and off according to a given lab''s workflow needs, thereby increasing the laser''s lifespan while reducing instrument maintenance.
    ·Instrument Start-up Diagnostics Software - Automatically assesses scanner performance parameters and provides researchers with a status report prior to scanning.
    ·Web-Based Monitoring - Easily track the status of microarray scanning through web-based interface.
    As the world's premier measurement company, Agilent offers the broadest range of innovative measurement solutions in the industry. The company's three businesses -- Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences and Electronic Measurement -- provide customers with products and services that make a real difference in the lives of people everywhere. Agilent is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners-- the leaders in their fields -- to deliver the products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere. With a singular focus on measurement, Agilent helps:

    ● Advance next-generation wireless communications
    ● Help the military become more flexible, mobile and reliable
    ● Enable nondestructive subsurface electronic testing of semiconductor materials
    ● Analyze the causes and cures for disease
    ● Make the world more safe and secure from crime and drugs
    ● Aid in the discovery and quality of medicines
    ● Keep our air, water, soil and food clean and safe
    ● Market Leadership

    Agilent holds many product and market leadership positions, including being first worldwide in overall test and measurement products, as well as in gas chromatographs and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. Agilent is also a leading test and measurement equipment supplier to the telecommunications industry.

    Agilent continues to support the values that made Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett's company a success: dedication to innovation; trust, respect and teamwork; and uncompromising integrity. Added to these are speed, focus and accountability to meet customer needs and create a culture of performance that draws on the full range of people's skills and aspirations.

    Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis

    Agilent's Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis groups provide application-focused solutions that include instruments, software, consumables and services that enable customers to identify, quantify and analyze the physical and biological properties of substances and products.

    Within life sciences, our solutions are focused in the following markets:

    ● Pharmaceutical Companies
    ● Biotechnology Companies
    ● Academic and Government Laboratories
    ● Contract Research Organizations
    ● Contract Marketing Organizations

    Within chemical analysis, Agilent focuses on the following markets:

    ● Energy & Fuels
    ● Environmental
    ● Food Safety
    ● Forensics
    ● Bioagriculture
    ● Homeland Security

    Product areas

    ● Gas Chromatography
    ● Liquid Chromatography
    ● Mass Spectrometry
    ● Microarrays
    ● Sequencing Target Enrichment
    ● Microfluidics
    ● Consumables and Services
    ● ICP-MS
    ● Magnetic resonance
    ● Reagents
    ● Capillary Electrophoresis
    ● Lab Automation
    ● Software and Informatics
    ● Vacuum Technology

    Agilent Research Laboratories

    The purpose of Agilent Research Laboratories is to power the growth of Agilent Technologies through breakthrough science and technology. Agilent Research Laboratories create competitive advantage through high-impact technology, driving market leadership and growth in Agilent's core businesses and expanding Agilent's measurement footprint into adjacent markets. At the cross-roads of the organization, the Labs are able to identify and enable synergies across Agilent's businesses to create competitive differentiation and compelling customer value.

    The Research Laboratories include 1) Agilent Labs, which focuses primarily on Agilent's highest growth priority, bio-analytical measurement, and 2) the Measurement Research Lab, which is part of the Electronic Measurement Group's Technology Leadership Organization and focuses mainly on technologies that support growth in electronic measurement. The majority of our research is located in the United States in Santa Clara, Calif., with additional locations in Europe (Leuven, Belgium; and Edinburgh, Scotland), Asia (Beijing and Shanghai, China), and Australia (Melbourne).

    Fundamental strengths of the Research Labs include deep technical expertise, a strong base of technology disciplines, a core competence in transferring technologies to Agilent's businesses, and employees who enjoy the richness of a broad, world-class science and engineering environment.

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