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ReadyCal polymer standards
ReadyCal polymer standards
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    GPC/SEC Chromatography is impossible without Polymer Standards. For QC Applications which mostly uses a single concentration detector, Polymer Standards are required for Calibration of the Columns which then allows calculation of Molecular Weights. More complex GPC/SEC Systems with Viscometers and MALS, require Polymer Standards for the determination of Instrument Constants and for System Validation. These are the facts which make GPC/SEC without Polymer Standards impossible. A ReadyCal™ Kit combines highest quality standards with easy and fast handling, reducing errors in sample preparation practically to zero. Three sets each of four different pre-mixed standards in 1.5 mL screw cap Vials build the strong backbone of a reliable calibration curve. Just add the desired amount of solvent, shake according to instruction and inject. Column calibration cannot be easier.

    TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. is a technology innovator and specialist supplier of high-performance HPLC and GPC/SEC detectors and instruments plus a range of non-invasive, real-time flowmeters that are enabling scientists to solve application challenges faster, more reliably and with greater sensitivity. With over 30 years' experience of these problem-solving technologies, we are happy to share our knowledge with researchers worldwide. Not only are our products designed to deliver top performance but our diligent commitment to quality ensures that you get many years of reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions. We pride ourselves on providing a level of technical and applications support that few companies can match. As a small, dynamic company we maintain the flexibility to not only offer you off-the-shelf solutions but also to develop tailored OEM systems for a growing number of world renowned analytical and process instrument suppliers.to exactly match their application needs.
    To know more, please click to: www.testa-analytical.com and www.custom-chromatography.com.
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