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ZYM Ultrapure Water System Laboratory
ZYM Ultrapure Water System Laboratory
Place of Origin:
Sichuan Zhuoyue Water Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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    Products Description
    ZYM Deionized Water Treatment Plant For Lab
    The model ZYM produced the deionized water with resisivity 18.25 MΩ.cm , which is triple distilled water 100% pure H2O without any
    minerals ,such as cations likesodium, calcium, iron and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate.
    Model list
    Configurati on grade
    Benchtop (L/H) 
    Floor style (L/H)
    Inlet water source 
    Total dissolved solids content TDS< 200ppm,water pressure1.0-5.0kg/cm2 , water 25℃
    Fiow rate 
    1.5-2.0 L/M( full pure water in tank)
    RO quality
    ( μS/cm )
    Conductivity :2-10μS/cm(online)
    Removal rate of pollutants is more than 98%, oxidizable [calculated by 0]: s0.4 mg/L,Evaporation residue≤2.0 mg/L
    UP quality
    Resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm (online )
    Microparticles (20.1um)
    Heavy metal ions
    Soluble silicon (calculated as Si02)
    Absorbance (254nm, 1cm optical path: s0.001
    Oxidizable [calculated as 0] ]: s0.08 mg/L
    Cation contents0.1ppb: (iron (Fe3+) < 0.005ppb,Copper (Cu2+) < 0.005ppb, potassum (K+) < 0.02ppb,
    Aluminum (AI3+) < 0.005ppb, Zinc (Zn2+) < 0.02ppb,Chromium (Cr2+) < 0.005ppb, Sodium (Na+) <0.01ppb);
    Anion contents0.1ppb: (chlorine (CI-) < 0.01pp,itrite (NO2-) < 0.02ppb, Nitrate (NO3-) < 0.02ppb Sulfate(S042) < 0.01ppb);
    < 1cfu/ml 
    < 1cfu/ml 
     < 0.1cfu/ml 
    < 0.1cfu/ml
    T0C Level 
    TOC < 10ppb 
    TOC < 10ppb
    TOC < 5ppb 
    TOC < 5ppb
    Pyrogen (endotoxin) 
    Dual display 
    MF (Terminal filter) 
    Product size(mm)
    550*420*1120(Floor style)
    16'pretreatment (Bentop) 
    20'pretreatment (Floor style)
    Product weight(kg) 
    70-80kg(Floor style) 
    50W-100W(Floor style)
    1. Preparation of chemical solutions, biochemical reagents and biochemical analysis:
     2. Buffer routine physical and chemical testing: 
    3. Bacteria culture medium:
    4. Routine quantitative analysis such as physical and chemical testing:
    5. Atomic absorption(AA) 
    6. Atomic Emission (AES); 
    7. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC);
    8. lon chromatography (IC);
    9. Mass Spectrometry (MC): 
    10. Plasma emission (ICP); 
    11. Protein/helium-based acid analysis: 
    12 Animal and plant cell culture: 
    13.Instruments with high requirements for heat source analysis.
     Water storage tank
    A.10L/20L (Benchtop) comes standard with a 3.2G pressure water tank; 
    B.20L/40L/6OL(Floor style) comes standard with 6G/11G pressure water tank; 
    C, 100L (Floor style) standard 20G pressure water tank; 
    Note: The size of the water tank can be selected according to the user's situation.
    Product features
    1.Ultra-pure water circulation to extend the life span of consumable parts within ultra-pure water purification system.
    2.Automatic RO membrane anti-fouling flushing and manual forced flushing procedures to extend the life span of RO membrane.
    3.Comprehensive system maintenance and safety alarm:
    4. Equipped with USB Host interface to support historical alarm records and water taking record data export function, to
    facilitate the later access to historical operation conditions data.
    5.Adopt more advanced, user-friendly membrane push button to take water.
    6.Semi-transparent medical grade PP material do not produce secondary pollution.
    7.Humanization design of manual/automatic water taking mode,Timing(1-99min),customization water taking (0.1-18.25MΩ.cm)
    The process flow
    The technology process is divided into source water pretreatment system,reverse osmosis system and ultra-pure system.
    5 stage purifying system as below , purification methods and parameters to avail the purity and classify the impurities to be
    removed from the original water (tap water or natural one) from what one wants to generates the purified water.
    1. Source water pretreatment system: PP fiber filter + AC filter + Softener
    2. Reverse osmosis system: It has high removal rate more than 99% for high valent ions, colloids, bacteria and organic matter
    (including endotoxin) with molecular weight greater than 300Dalton.
    3. Ultra pure system: Ion exchange resin using H + exchange cation out the water in the filter ,using OH- exchange anions out the
    water , the replaced H + and OH- combined to produce H2O, ultra-purified column filling the United States Dow UPW-450 Ultra-pure
    water for nuclear grade resin, the water resistance of up to 18.25 MΩ.cm.
    Product exhibition
    Sichuan Zhuoyue Water Treatment Equipment Co.,ltd is a integrated water treatment manufacturer with scientific research, design, production, sales, installation,after-sales services in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, specializing in the production of laboratory ultra-pure water machine, medical water machine, pure /ultra-pure water equipment,water softener and other related water treatment equipment. Our 1500㎡modern factory is located in Rongzhi Innovation Industrial Park at Pixian modern industrial road, While 300㎡Sales Department office is located in Jinfu International Building, Jinniu District. Nowadays, the number of company staff is up to 100 and more. And also a complete after-sales service network is set up all over the country.
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