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Aflatoxin Test Kit for milk cereal peanut grains
Aflatoxin Test Kit for milk cereal peanut grains
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    Nankai Biotech Aflatoxin Rapid Test Kit is a rapid, one step test for the qualitative (or quantitative) detection of Aflatoxin M1, B1,B2,G1 and G2  in milk,
    animal feed and grains(wheat, wheat bran, corns, peanuts, nuts, coconut, millet, flour,Chili , Grain and Grain products. ).

    SmarKIT Advantages:
    1. 3-5 min reading results
    2. Detection limits respond to EU norms
    3. Single test for every target sample
    4. Neither professionals nor equipment required
    5. Eyes interpretation or quantitative measurement,suitable for lab and field use
    6. Room temperature storage
    7. Non-toxic and harmless


    Established in 2005, Nankai Biotech group is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated in developing , manufacturing and marketing Rapid Test Kits, Having 3 Third Party Labs to issuing Official Testing Reports, Building Quality Management Traceability Systerm for Agriculture industry.

    The products can detect the residues of antibiotics, mycotoxins, veterinary drug, pesticides, microorganism, heavy metal, illegal additives and toxic chemicals in all kind of food and feed. It is very easy to use, neither special auxiliary equipment nor professionals required. It is an accurate, cost-effective method for screening solution, suitable for the food quality control "From farm to fork.

    We value the innovation, and have widely technological and scientific research cooperation with national top-level universities and scientific research institutes, like Zhejiang University, Jinan University, South China Agricultural University, Hangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and have undertaken making rules and regulations for food safety test standard for government.

    For more information please visit
    E -mail:
    WhatsApp: 86-151-5809-6930

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