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Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Building 2,No 58 Xiangshan Road,Hangzhou, China | 310051
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Established in 2005, NKBIO Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing Rapid Test Kits in Food and Feed Analysis, Animal Disease as well as Clinical Diagnostics.

The Rapid Tests can detect the animal disease, residues of antibiotics, mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, pesticides, microorganism, heavy metal, illegal additives and toxic chemicals in all kind of foods and feeds. It is an accurate, cost-effective method as a screening solution, useful for both labs and field testing, can also be applied for the quality control “From farm to fork”.

NKBIO have three Advanced Third Party Independent laboratories to guarantee, further confirm the results from the preliminary Positive & Negative Samples, have capability to issue formally, official testing reports which acknowledged by both government authority and academic institutions.

With Rapid Testing Branch, Software Engineering & Equipment Branch and Service of complete solution Branch, we have successfully built Food & Feed Quality Management Traceability System for regulation of Government Authority and Enterprises.

NKBIO values the innovation, have widely technological and scientific research cooperation with national top-level universities and scientific research institutes, like Zhejiang University, Jinan University, South China Agricultural University, Academy of Agricultural Sciences. We have published many of technical literatures, got hundreds of prizes & certificates, and also undertaken making rules and regulations for Food and Feed testing standards for government authority.

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