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Cell Therapy Isolator In Vitro Cell Analysis Cell Culture Tailin China
Cell Therapy Isolator In Vitro Cell Analysis Cell Culture Tailin China
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    Cell Therapy Workstation (CPS) meets the stringent aseptic requirements of cell therapy products and reduces installation and operational costs by providing a continuous clean environment, featuring integrated design, and simplified installation and operation procedures. Tailin CPS system is designed based on stringent GMP aseptic production requirements and meets the requirements of various regulatory agencies (FDA, EMA, NMPA) regulations and industry guidelines (ISO, PDA, USP and Chinese Pharmacopoeia).



    Class D Installation - Cell Therapy Workstation is designed to be installed in a Class D room with limited access, compact design to save space and eliminating the need for large space layouts building.


    Traceability - Environmental monitoring data and operation video are recorded and stored in real time, enabling traceability of all steps in the aseptic process.


    Sterilization – Sterilization of operating areas and material channels are completed by a dedicated integrated VHPS® system, and provide SIP for the critical equipments such as incubators and centrifuges.


    Cleanliness maintain- The environment inside the workstation is kept at the positive pressure through the HEPA filters, which always maintains dynamic Class A cleanliness.


    Operation convenience- Personnel do not need complicated dressing procedures; system auto run; excellent ergonomics experience


    Green environmental protection and energy saving - no pollutant emissions, low operating energy consumption.


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    Founded in 2002, Tailin is a leading company in the aseptic isolation technology and sterility test field.

    Talin's core competency is technological innovation and strong manufacturing ability.

    In order to provide the whole solutions for customers, we manufacture most of the critical equipment by ourselves including the aseptic isolator, VHPS decontamination system, glove leak tester, sterility test pump, and consumables.

    Up to today, Tailin has got more than 100 Chinese patents and drafted many National and Industry standards in the name of the first author.

    Tailin has nearly 1,000 employees, of which there are more than 200 R&D engineers, accounting for 20%.

    Furthermore, Tailin has experienced validation teams working closely with customers and developed qualification strategies based on regulations to guarantee fast approvals by the authorities.

    Due to the high quality and excellent service, Tailin become a well-known company in the fields with high standard requirements such as biopharmaceutical, cell& gene therapy, P3 labs, manned space, etc.

    In the future, Tailin will keep going all out to serve customers better and grow together with our partners.
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