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Professional equipment for nano-dye industry
Professional equipment for nano-dye industry
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JN-3000 PLUS
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    JN-3000 PLUS Ultra-high Pressure homogenizer
    Professional equipment for nano-dye industry
    --Improve products quality, speed up production times

    Operating pressure up to 207MPa (30,000 PSi)
    Can work for 24 hours under 207MPa
    Flux 2.1L/h (35ml/min)
    Feed temperature can be up to 80℃
    Outlet temperature not exceed 30℃
    Can idle operation when the material went empty
    Can randomly shutdown, start up, suspend under high pressure
    No spare parts and accessories. Equipped with a tool box.
    Power 380V (220V is optional)

    Standard features:
    The homogenizing valve and one-way valve are made of diamond.
    Unique homogenization technology; the minimum size can be up to 30nm;
    Improve products quality;
    Fast and convenient process;
    Save energy and time;
    Stable and good repeatability;
    No need to adjust process parameters when expand production;
    Can be sterilized in situ;
    Original washing system, be cleaned on-line;

    Application Fields:
    Fine Chemistry Industry;
    Nano-dye Industry

    Dyes differ from biological samples in hardness, it is much harder. So if you want to prepare nano-dye with homogenizer, it demands high requirements on the homogeneous valve. Most of the other homogenizers use ceramics or hard alloy to make homogeneous valve. Inevitably, the homogeneous valve will be worn away after it is used for a period, which leads to decreased homogenizing effect.

    JNBIO use patent technique to make homogeneous valve and one-way valve, which are all made of diamond. As is known to all, diamond has the characters of high hardness, long service life, and most important of all, it can clearly improve homogenization effect.

    Homogenizer for nano-dye production is quite different from other products made by JNBIO, it has the most shearing force. The sample paths are all made of imported inner wall mirror polished 316 L stainless steel to prevent contamination of the products. The key parts of homogenization module adopt metal seals, eliminated the need for rubber seals. While the others use quite a few rubber seals, there’s a big problem-the fallen broken bits of rubber seals which would be caused under high pressure will contaminate the samples.

    As for traditional homogenizers, the temperature of the samples during the treatment in the high pressure homogenizer is normally in the range of 70-90℃. Thus this will cause damage to the heat-sensitive components which are responsible for the stability of the samples. As to Temperature Control System of JN-3000 PLUS homogenizer, the inlet, treating process and outlet of the samples can be operated in 4℃~6℃ circulating water bath, heat generated during homogenization can be absorbed by the cool water. This is very good for maintaining the stability of the sample.

    Now JNBIO is more and more popular in China. Institute of Biophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences、Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences、Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences、Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)、Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences、Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Tsinghua University、Fudan University State Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering、School of Pharmacy, Fudan University、Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University(IBS) 、Institute of viruses of Wuhan University、Bioengineering Institute of Jinan University etc had purchased our products.

    JNBIO-- Innovation and Professional
    Our company specializes in production, R&D of Ultra-high Pressure Cell Disrupter.
    For details about our company, please feel free to contact us.

    GUANGZHOU JUNENG NANO & BIO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (JNBIO) was established in 863 Industrial Promotion Centre of Guangzhou in February, 2005. It is founded by Returned expert from United Kingdom. We focus on independent research, development, and production of Low Temperature Ultra-high Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Disrupter, besides integrate with the European cutting-edge technology. Our products meet such as Biotechnology, Pharmacy, and Bio-energy’s needs for high-efficiency of cell crushing. The new technology will be of benefit to the majority of users. The Ultra-high Pressure Cell Disrupter fills a gap in national market.

    Innovative ideas, new technology, professional talents, solid operation, all of them is our tenet for ever. We will surpass self constantly, to create a better development for the enterprise, customers and employees.

    Enterprise affairs:
    ◆Approved by Guangdong Science and Technology Department as one of the first batches of high-tech enterprises
    ◆Supported by Innovation Fund of China and Technology Innovation Fund of Guangzhou
    ◆Has one item of national invention patent
    ◆Has ten items of national utility model patents
    ◆Has two items of exterior design patent
    ◆Have registered the trademark “JNBIO” and “聚能生物” in State Trademark Office

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