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Alfa Chemistry Newly Announces Offering of Click Chemistry Reagents: Azides, Terminal Alkynes, and Copper-Chelating Ligands

Hits:284   Date: 1/16/2024
As a proven and reliable chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry is excited to announce its latest offering of Click Chemistry Reagents, including Azides, Terminal Alkynes, and Copper-Chelating Ligands. These reagents play a crucial role in the field of Click Chemistry, offering scientists powerful tools to facilitate the development of biological large molecule labeling, super-molecule structure construction and more.
With the rapid advancement of click chemistry in recent years, Alfa Chemistry’s scientific team has developed a variety of click chemistry reagents, which can be selected by researchers worldwide.
Azides are one of the key reagents in click chemistry, often serving as the "azide" component in the click reaction. They are known for their stability and compatibility with various functional groups, making them ideal for the synthesis of complex molecules. Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of azides, including organic azides, alkyl azides, and aryl azides, to meet the diverse needs of researchers. Some are listed here: 1-(Azidomethyl)pyrene (CAS 1006061-57-9), Azido-PEG12-alcohol (CAS 1111239-69-0), Cyanine3 azide chloride (CAS 1167421-28-4), Kdo azide (CAS 1380099-68-2), 5-(Biotinamido)pentylazide (CAS 1349190-76-6), Azido-PEG3-aldehyde (CAS 1807530-10-4), etc.
In addition to azides, Alfa Chemistry also provides a wide range of terminal alkynes, which are commonly used as the "alkyne" component in click chemistry reactions. Terminal alkynes are known for their exceptional reactivity and compatibility, making them well-suited for bioorthogonal labeling and polymer synthesis. Alfa Chemistry's terminal alkynes reagents are available in various functionalized forms and can be tailored to meet specific research requirements. To name just a few here: 7-Octynoic acid (CAS 10297-09-3), m-PEG5-propyne (CAS 1101668-41-0), TAMRA-PEG4-alkyne (CAS 1225057-68-0), 3-Butynyl p-toluenesulfonate (CAS 23418-85-1), Boc-L-Phe(4-NH-poc)-OH CAS (2576508-03-5), Sulfo-Cy5 alkyne (CAS 1617497-19-4), Alkyne tyramide (CAS 1694495-59-4), etc.
Furthermore, Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive selection of copper-chelating ligands, an essential component in click chemistry reactions that catalyzes the coupling reaction between azides and terminal alkynes. Copper plays a crucial role in facilitating the formation of triazoles, the hallmark of click chemistry. Alfa Chemistry's copper-chelating ligands exhibit high stability and selectivity, making them the preferred choice for researchers in this field. Here are some example: BTTAA (CAS 1334179-85-9), BTTP (CAS 1341215-17-5), BTTES (CAS 2101505-88-6), TBTA (CAS 510758-28-8), and THPTA (CAS 760952-88-3).
Alfa Chemistry's commitment to providing high-quality click chemistry reagents is demonstrated through their rigorous quality control processes. Each product is carefully tested to ensure its purity and performance, allowing researchers to have confidence in their experiments. Additionally, Alfa Chemistry's expert team of chemists is available to provide technical support and assistance, ensuring that researchers have the resources they need to achieve their scientific goals.
"We are thrilled to expand our range of click chemistry reagents to better serve the scientific community," said Marketing Director of Alfa Chemistry. "Click Chemistry has revolutionized the field of chemical biology, and we are dedicated to supporting researchers in their pursuit of new discoveries and advancements."
For more information about Alfa Chemistry's Click Chemistry Reagents, including Azides, Terminal Alkynes, and Copper-Chelating Ligands, please visit their website athttps://www.alfa-chemistry.com/click-chem/click-chemistry-reagents.html.
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