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Sangon Biotech: Seeking Overseas Distributor of Life Science Products and Services

Hits:2710   Date: 1/17/2019
Sangon Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of life sciences research products & services in China, is a privately owned dynamic biotechnology company. The company was founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China. Sangon Biotech’s primary focus was in the field of oligo synthesis, then Sangon Biotech began to manufacture various life science products and services. Throughout the past years, the company has developed rapidly and served as a one-stop-shopto our customers in the life sciences field.
Sangon Biotech is committed to innovation and excellence. In an effort to achieve this, Sangon Biotech has continuously directed efforts in R & D and improving the quality of our products and services. Sangon Biotech is proud to offer a breath of products and services to customers worldwide.
Our Products & Services:       
DNA Synthesis Products
Genetic Engineering Services
Life Sciences Research Consumables
Protein and Antibody Related Products and Services
We are proudly ranked #4 in the global oligonucleotide synthesis service market and #5 in the global DNA synthesis service market.   
Our group, BBI Life Sciences Corporation (01035) listed in Hong Kong on Dec. 31, 2014.
Five Features:
♦ Original manufacturer
♦ Wide range of products and services
♦ Competitive prices for all product lines
♦ Strict quality control for all product lines
♦ Fast turnaround: Oligo Synthesis Completed within 24 or 36 Hours (for HAP or PAGE purification); Gene Synthesis Completed within 5-10 working days; Products in stock to be delivered within 3 working days.
♦ More than 70,500 customers
♦ More than 24,000 life science products
♦ More than 80,000 square meter manufacturing bases over the world
♦ More than 40 domestic branches and sales offices offering local customers fast delivery and prompt technical support
♦ 5 overseas direct sales and manufacturing offices in USA, Canada, UK, South Korea and Singapore
Here are our major products:
Now we are seeking overseas distributor to promote our international market. We have no minimum business requirements for distributors but only need your trust and enthusiasm to achieve a win-win situation.
Contact person: Kiko Jiang
Tel: 021-57072105