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Sophia Genetics and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) partner to create NGS solutions in routine clinical diagnostics

Hits:2881   Date: 2/18/2016
    • Sophia Genetics announces a strategic partnership with Integrated DNA Technologies to accelerate the adoption of next generation sequencing (NGS) in routine clinical diagnostics.
    • The Sophia DDM™ advanced analytical platform will be paired with IDT’s xGen ® hybridization-based target enrichment panels to provide hospitals with excellent analytical performance, unrivalled flexibility for gene panel composition, and high sample throughput.
    • The NGS bundles will be available immediately to more than 120 hospitals currently using the Sophia DDM™ platform.
    • As additional hospitals add this platform to their systems over the next few months, this new bundled NGS solution will also be made available to them.
LAUSANNE, Switzerland, 15 February 2016 – Sophia Genetics, the global leader in Data-Driven Medicine (DDM), announced today the signing of a new strategic partnership with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). Under the terms of the agreement, Sophia Genetics will combine its Sophia DDM™ analytics platform with IDT’s NGS target capture products. The new bundle will create the most advanced NGS data analytics platform in the market.
Sophia Genetics and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) partner to create NGS solutions in routine clinical diagnostics
With these bundle solutions, Sophia Genetics will address the needs of European hospitals that are moving from small panels (1–20 genes) to medium panels (21–200 genes). The collaboration between the companies has produced a superior NGS target capture system that combines top analytical performance, high sample throughput, and flexibility.
Jurgi Camblong, CEO and founder of Sophia Genetics, commented, “The NGS bundle solutions are a true game changer for hospitals, relieving them of the burden of testing multiple NGS enrichment technologies. Having evaluated a large number of DNA enrichment technologies, we can now offer hospitals validated solutions that combine best-in-class target enrichment products with our advanced machine-learning based analytics. This will simplify validation of future NGS tests to meet hospitals’ needs for high quality diagnostics.”
Dr. Joseph A. Walder, IDT founder and CEO, commented, “We are proud of this partnership with Sophia Genetics. Sophia’s technology has triggered rapid advances in clinical genomics in recent years. With more labs and hospitals joining the clinical genomics community, we are confident Sophia Genetics is an ideal partner as we extend our target capture solutions to healthcare institutions in Europe for the ultimate benefit of patients.”
The first bundle solution to be launched will be for diagnosis of hereditary cancers, such as breast, ovarian, and colon cancers. Future solutions will target leukaemia and cardiac disease. With this partnership, Sophia Genetics and IDT are taking a pragmatic approach in helping hospitals address their need to adopt NGS tests for routine clinical diagnostics. The partnership also establishes a foundation for additional growth in this area.
About Sophia Genetics
Sophia Genetics, a global leader in Data Driven Medicine, brings together expertise in genetics, bioinformatics, machine-learning and genomic privacy. Based in Switzerland, we are known for our high medical standards and Swiss precision when it comes to accuracy and quality management. Sophia Genetics offers health professionals who perform clinical genetic testing bioinformatics analysis, quality assurance, and secure banking of patient DNA sequence data generated by NGS. Sophia Genetics does not hold personal information on patients, and the patient data we do hold is anonymised. Sophia Genetics helps clinical laboratories to reduce the cost, overcome complexity and fulfil quality constraints related to the use of NGS in the clinic. For more information, visit and follow @SophiaGenetics and @JurgiCamblong.
About IDT
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT), the global leader in nucleic acid synthesis, serving all areas of life sciences research and development, offers products for a broad range of genomic applications. IDT’s primary business is the production of custom synthetic nucleic acids for molecular biology applications, including qPCR, sequencing, synthetic biology, and functional genomics. The company manufactures and ships an average of 44,000 custom nucleic acids per day to more than 82,000 customers worldwide. For more information, visit
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