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Unwound Tail Artery Blood Pressure Measuresystem
Unwound Tail Artery Blood Pressure Measuresystem
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Huaibei Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Ltd.Co
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    ZH—HX—Z Unwound Tail Artery Blood Pressure Measure system

    1. General introduction
    Unwound tail Artery Blood Pressure Measure 8i Analysis System is special to design for watching animal blood pressure, under such condition there is no harm to animal. And the testing animal can not be anaesthetized, wounded. So it’s a convenient method. The system notes contraction pressure, diastole pressure, average pressure and heart frequency, moreover, deals with data automatically, stores and counts experiment result in some time. It’s used to chronic animal blood pressure experiment especially when making use of the system, what makes you feel free.

    2. Function character
    Note, display, determine and store contraction pressure, diastole pressure, average pressure and heart frequency. In every measuring course, average every time’s measuring value, the result will be more accurate. Conserving every animal and experiment’s accumulation data, it’s unnecessary to note these data by hand. Handling data automatically, storing and counting some time’s experiment result, the preserved data can be input into Excel statistical table directly, then we statistics analyze the data and form the table what makes writing paper turn easy. The preserved charts are bmp documents, so you can use any chart compiling software to compile for paper. For original data being preserved, they can be reappeared and measured again. Not only computer but user by hand measures the data.. The user decides to hold the data or not by himself.

    3.Technical index

    Medlab collection system
    ZH—100 pulse Transfer Energy Apparatus
    ZH Blood Pressure Transfer Energy Apparatus
    Blood pressure table
    Channel amount: 4 channels
    Software operation terrace:
    Windows 2000/xp
    ME/98, standardized Windows interface Driver program.
    Have special Medlab-USB facility driver program
    The data shares together with Excel
    Sampling velocity is 1.6μs and maximum passing velocity is 800k bytes/second.
    Input data through USB structure
    ①Response frequency:≥1500HZ
    ②No source
    ③Outputting electric cable has two fuses
    ④External size: 16.5×6
    ①Measuring, scope
    ②Full measuring scope outputting >30mv
    ③No linear degree<0.1%FS
    ⑤operating voltage: 5—8v D.C.
    ⑥Zero line flow<0.05%h(FS)
    ⑦Insulation resistance>500 mΩ/100v
    ⑧Pressure limit is measuring scope’s 4 times
    ⑨Outputting resistance is from 1kΩ to 2kΩ
    ⑩Operating temperature: -20℃-+80℃
    ①Two graduations: kPa, mmHg
    ②Minimum graduation: 0.5kpa/kpa mmHg/2mmHg
    ③Error:±0.5KPa ±0.75mmhg
    ④Zero line≤1KPa or ±0.5mmhg

    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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