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Intelligence Hot plate pain threshold detector
Intelligence Hot plate pain threshold detector
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Anhui Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Co. Ltd
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    ZH—YLS—6B Intelligence Hot plate pain threshold detector

    Hot plate method not only is the most using in testing and sieving of analgesic but used to determine the stopping pain mechanism of center nerve and extreme nerve .So it has a wide use. Because temperature could not be controlled strictly, time was not accurate and experimentalist operated wrongly in the past , the testing accuracy was too low. However, we have developed ZH—YLS—6B Intelligence Hot-board Apparatus and it has solved above questions. And the apparatus was conferred to praise in testing and practical use by many experts and professors.
    It has three key parts in hot-board experiment:(1)The surface of hot-board must have so good conductivity and fineness that it can lead to pain for full contacting area between animal’s feet and hot-board. At the same time, hot-board also has to be acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, anti-corrosive and enough hard. Moreover, its surface must be made up of alloy nickel and phosphorus, hardness is HV450, anti-corrosion exceeds stainless steel, fineness accords with the requirement of hot-board experiment (2) Temperature’s controlling is core problem. If undulation is too big, animal’s painful reaction incubation will be wrong. For example, 2℃ undulation and 5-6s error can make experiment’s result useless. On account of this, we adopt microelectronic brain lattice sample technology, intermission is only 1/4 s. Self- controlling is accurate, The surface of hot-board’s temperature is always in 0.2℃,and in accordance with pharmacology trail’s demand. (3) Time’s accuracy is key about describing medicine’s influence on animal’s painful threshold value. Counting on second, its small difference of medicine’s effect is often hided. For example, intermission is approximately 1 second between 5.01s and 5.99s, but displaying both 5s on stopwatch. The intermission is the most important in pharmacology. New intelligence hot-board apparatus adds to printing, footboard and wired hand controlling function. And it’s convenient to test little rat, big rat and dolphin rat. In teaching and research, it is ideal apparatus, too. The apparatus uses simply, has definite index, does little harm to animal’s tissue and animal can be tested repeatedly. Because of longer painful reaction incubation, it’s convenient to observe medicine’s little difference, relieving painful effect, and prints testing data. Now it’s more advanced in our country and the world.

    2. Technological index:
    Temperature displaying mode: data
    Temperature fixing mode: pressing keyboard
    Temperature fixing scope: +20℃--+80℃
    Temperature controlling error: <0.2℃
    Time controlling mode: pressing keyboard, footboard
    Time displaying error: <0.2‰s
    Temperature raising time: <10minutes (from 20℃ to 50℃)
    Retention temperature: +10℃--+50℃
    Using temperature: 15℃--20℃ Using humidity:0-75per cent
    Power:220v 50—60HZ Inputting power:70w
    Volume 300×200×310 (mm) Weight:7kg
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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