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-50 ℃ Laboratory Vacuum Freeze Dryer/ lyophilizer
-50 ℃ Laboratory Vacuum Freeze Dryer/ lyophilizer
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    -50 ℃,Laboratory Vacuum Freeze Dryer/ lyophilizer

    Product description:
    Vacuum freeze-drying technology, hereinafter referred to as the lyophilization, also called sublimation drying. Widely used in medicine, biological products, chemical and food industry. Lyophilization is very applicable to thermosensitive material such as antibiotic, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormone and other biological tissue.
    Main features:
    - Desk type design, compact, save space..
    - Good appearance,ergonomically Designed, easy to operate.
    - Imported fully enclosed compressor, efficient and reliable, low noise.
    - Big open cold-trap, with function that sample frozen in advance.
    - The material of cold-trap is stainless steel, no coiled tube inside, bright, clean and corrosion resistance.
    - Patent design for draft tube, improve cold-trap’s effective area, rapid freeze-drying.
    - Imported gas-charging valve, be able to charge dry nitrogen or inert gases.
    - Transparent Acrylic Drum drying chamber for user observing the drying process.
    - Vacuum interface meets international standard, be able to connect with variety of vacuum pump.
    - Digital display parameters include vacuum, condenser temperature
    - Display of sample temperature (optional).
    Technical parameters:
    Condensing temp.:-50 °C
    Vacuum degrees: < 20 Pa
    Lyophilized area: 0.12 m2
    Capacity of material tray (bulk materials): 1.2 L
    Water chatching ability: 3 kg / 24 h
    Tray: Φ 200 mm x 4 layer
    Rated Power: 220V 50 Hz 850 W
    Host size: 380 * 600 * 345 mm

    Desktop host, 2 liters of vacuum pumps, general drying device (sample set 4)

    Shanghai Xiwen Biotech Co., Ltd. mainly engaged infreeze dryer, spray dryer, ultrasonic cell disrupter and other experimental apparatus.

    We had professional the temperature technicians and advanced production equipment, improve the production process, established a complete quality management system, received the ISO9001:2000 quality management certificate; ensure product quality, to achieve safety in production.

    Through all our staffs joint efforts ,our main products are exported to Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe ,and other countries and regions, now we are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a new future together.
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