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Precision Controlled Cell Electrophysiological Micromanipulator
Precision Controlled Cell Electrophysiological Micromanipulator
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Jiangsu Rich Life Science Instrument Co.,Ltd
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    Configuration and Application:

    This CFT-8301design is equipped with rough adjustment and hydraulic-actuated fine control functions that allow precision location for the robot tool so that the cell electrophysiological test electrode best approaches the cell and forms good seal. The CFT-8301 design has Home function that can return the electrode back to its preset position for easy and quick electrode replacement. The connection switching plate makes possible the free link of micromanipulator with any patch clamp electrodes and needle holders.

    The CFT-8301design is applicable to cell electrophysiological patch clamp operation, some transgenic operation items like DNA, RNA injection, nuclear transplant and gene removal; injection into cells, cell microelectrode embedding, polar body study, chimera technique, cell separation and embryonic implantation. It can also be used in scientific research fields such as life science, cytogenetics of biological engineering, cellular physiology, embryonic development, gene engineering, cloning, cell electrophysiological analysis patch clamp technique and cell chromosome typing and dissection, etc, as well as industrialization of GM technology. The CFT-8301design has found wide application now in agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, medicine, scientific research and teaching.

    Technical Data:
    1. Fine adjustment range: X=Y=Z=1.28mm
    2. Fine adjustment accuracy: 0.18μm/div.
    3. Rough adjustment travel: X=40mm;Y=Z=20mm
    4. Deflection angle for axis Z: ≥135°
    5. Deflection angle for axis Y: ≥60°
    6. Connection switching plate for free link of micromanipulator with any patch clamp electrodes and needle holders with connecting rod of diameter 5~10mm
    Jiangsu Rich Life Science Instrument Co., Ltd as a high -tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and authenticated software company and wholly-owned the Rich Life Sciences Institute. It has qualified with the ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 enterprise quality management system certification. One of the 21 hi-tech private enterprises cultivated by the city government. One of the 153 biological and medical industries supported by the providence government. Credit Jiangsu trustful company.

    Spark main item enterprise of Xuzhou. Unit of the council for promotion of small & middle enterprises. Integrating designing, developing, producing and marketing of high-tech products, we are a specialized company of medical systems, which is armed with modern management, advanced facilities and tools for production testing. “Value morality, Consolidate basis, Pursue innovation” is our enterprise spirit.
    As a implementation member of the national “Torch Plan” and “Spark Plan”. We were benefited from the national “Small And Mid-sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund” and put the “National Key New Products” in practice. we are one of national assigned suppliers “the charitable medical sunlight rescue project”, there are only three assigned sippliers.We also had got two state patents.

    Our main products: science CFT-8000 Biological Cell Micromanipulation System, CFT-8200 Biological Cell Surgical Needle Manufacturing Equipment, CFT-8301 Physiological Cell Micro-Operating Device, CFT-2100 Microwave Treatment Device, GZY Functional Womb Bleeding Treatment Device, CFT-6004 Infrared Diagnostic Unit of Mammary Gland, CFT-6100 Therapeutic Instrument of Mammary Gland, CFT-7100 Ultrasonic Cerebrovascular Treatment Device, CFT-5001 Ultrasound Scanner, CFT-9000 Digital Electronic Colposcope, CFT-9200 Sperm Microbiological Analysis Detection System, CFT-950 Image Capture System, CFT-400 Variation Of Wave Treatment Device, CFT-620 Functions of Bio-encephalon Remedy and Treatment Device.
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