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HA500 hydrogen generator
HA500 hydrogen generator
Place of Origin:
AnJian (Beijing) Technology co.
Ltd. (DuraSafer (Beijing) Technology Ltd.)
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    1.Output Flow Discharge:  HA300  0-300ml/min;  HA500    0-500ml/min;
    2. Output Pressure: 0~0.4 Mpa (the attached certification shows the initialization)
    3. Hydrogen Purity: >99.999%
    4. Maximum Power:   HA 300      150W
    H 500      180W
    5. Working Condition:
    (1) Electric Power: AC220 ± 10%; 50Hz
    (2) Environment Temperature: 5-40℃
    Relative Humidity: <85%
    The environment has no serious dust pollution.
    6. Size: 420×200×350 (L×W×H)
    7. Weight: 14kg
    AnJian (Beijing) Technology co., Ltd. (DuraSafer (Beijing) Technology Ltd.) was founded in 2005, AnJian is set research and development, production and sales as one of the high speed development of scientific instruments and consumables service and supplier, our aim is to provide clients with safe, convenient and high flux experimental apparatus, to help the researchers to reduce the labor intensity and reduce the experimental time. Product and service quality is the foundation of our survival, customer recognition is the premise of our development. AnJian has a strong r&d team, including software engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, etc., can be the circuit design, software development, engineering contracting, single-chip development and other large projects. AnJian in unceasingly rich and innovative products, constantly improve and perfect the standardized management system, and constantly improve the level of service and quality. Committed to the development of become important members of the laboratory science instrument industry. Beginning from 2013, our each product has its corresponding serial number, only by customer service phone provides the product serial number can query the purchased product related information, thank you to our customers for many years support! Our registered trademark is: SCDEALL

    AnJian (Safe, work, Durable, Efficient) in the "people-oriented, customer first, rely on quality to survive, to serve the society", under the idea and goal of innovation of science and technology, create the future!

    We are trying to improve the growth, development, and constantly improve. Strive to do their peers and users trusted partner.

    AnJian hydrogen generator, nitrogen, hydrogen, nitrogen generator and air generator empty all-in-one, blowing nitrogen, oscillator, best-selling market, among consumers to enjoy higher status, with many retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Our product price is reasonable, we credit superposition with, defends the contract, the quality, with many varieties management characteristic and the meager profit but high turnover principle, has won the general customers the trust and recognition.

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