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Streptavidin  magnetic  nanoparticles
Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles
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    Specification: 10 mL,20 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL
    Size: 100 nm, 300 nm
    Storage: Stored at  2-8°C  for 6 months.
    Saturation magnetization:  > 10 emu/g
    The surface of the supper paramagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles is covalently functionalized with streptavidin, can be used to bind biotin-conjugated molecules, such as antibody, protein, peptide, DNA primers, etc., through high affinity interaction between streptavidin and  biotin.
    The Streptavidin-biotin-biomolecule complex is easy to be separated from unbound biotin-biomolecule using a magnet, therefore providing a quick and neat way to tag biomolecules with magnetic nanoparticles. The purified nanoparticle-biomolecule complex can be used in a variety of downstream bio-separation processes: protein purification, immunoprecipitation, cell isolation or depletion, and molecular detection.
    Cell Enrichment
    Ecalbio™ Streptavidin  magnetic  nanoparticles are  ideal  for isolation or depletion of cells (e.g.  CTCs, stem cells) from a mixture of cell population obtained from tissues or organs. The isolated  cells are viable and can be further cultured or used for downstream  molecular analysis such as mRNA isolation and RT- PCR. Cell separation with Ecalbio™ eliminates the use of columns, so cells are not exposed to the mechanical stress from passing through the column matrix. Magnetically separated  cells are highly purified and retain their viability, ideal for downstream applications.
    •  Easy and quick to make nanoparticle-antibody  conjugates through streptavidin-biotin  association
    •  Simple and gentle cell separation
    •  Consistent, high quality results
    •  High binding capacity
    •  High biocompatibility
    •  Low non-specific binding
    Product Contents
    •  Ecalbio™ Streptavidin nanoparticles (Cat# 21005) are provided  in phosphate buffered  saline  (PBS), pH 7.4.  Each vial contains 10 ml of solution with a particle concentration of 5 mg /ml, which is enough for isolating approximately 500 million cells.
    •  Washing Buffer (10✕), Cat# A20001
    •  Magnet, Cat# A20003
    •  Ecalbio™ Streptavidin Kit, Cat# K21005

    NO  Concentration Specification Price
    ECA1501     5 mg/mL    10 mL  1200 USD
    ECA1502 5 mg/mL    20 mL  2200 USD
    ECA1503     5 mg/mL    50 mL  5000 USD

     Products will be developed according to customer’s requirements within 2 weeks.

    Ecalbio Co., Ltd specialize in developing reagents of immunodiagnostic technology and biological systems with higher accuracy andreliability for results of the highest quality.

    Ecalbio builds up professional platform to develop more than 10,000 products, including antibodies, antigens, biochemicals, ELISA kits, CLIA kits, and laboratory equipments,etc.

    Ecalbio laboratories manufacture Antibodies, Proteins, Food safety ELISA kits, Food safety Rapid Tests, Animal Disease ELISA Kits, Animal Disease Rapid Test Kits, Laboratory equipments with incubators and diagnostic system.

    Ecalbio has an enthusiastic and creative R&D team, consisting with a group of experienced technicians in lateral flow immunoassay field, and set up long relationship with first-class institutes,universities,academies, to provide excellent service for human healthy and earth.

    Ecalbio are committed to saving lives by ensuring individuals worldwide have access to timely and correct diagnosis. Our products are used in over 100 countries worldwide by:
     Government Laboratories
     Food industry Laboratories
     Veterinary Clinics
     Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Ecalbio welcomes potential partners and distributors to explorebusiness relationships with all customer in the worldwide, focused on scie-tech, integrity, quality and service for the customers.

    Wuhan Ecalbio Co., Ltd
    No1, Guanshan road, Wuhan 430060, China

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