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high pressure and high temperature gas sorption analyzer H-Sorb 2600
high pressure and high temperature gas sorption analyzer H-Sorb 2600
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Gold APP Instruments
H-Sorb 2600
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    H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption parameters

    Analysis Method: static volumetric, high pressure gas sorption
    Versatility: adsorption/desorption isotherms measurement (atmospheric to 500℃), Gibbs supercritical adsorption measurement
    Data Reduction: Langmuir model regression isotherm, PCT(Pressure-Composition-Temperature) or PCI (Pressure-Composition-Isotherm) diagram/curve/isotherm measurement, Langmuir maximum adsorption constant L and adsorption pressure constant B measurement; Langmuir correction model loading-ratio correlation regression (LCR) isotherm; Ono-Kondo (OK) lattice model isotherm regression; adsorptive gas density and vapor-liquid equilibrium accuracy calculation under different pressures and temperatures
    Measuring Ranges: continuous adsorption and desorption measurement from atmospheric to 200Bar pressure
    Accuracy: repeatability errors <3%
    Temperature Range: cryogenic to 500℃, accuracy±0.1℃
    Sample Ports: two samples analyzing and two degassing, stainless-steel micro welding sample cells, software integrated temperature PID adjustment
    Transducer Accuracy: imported high precision transmitter, accuracy can reach 0.05% of F.S. (full-scale), long-duration usage stability is 0.025% of F.S.
    Ultimate Vacuum: 4x10-2 Pa (3x10-4 Torr), molecular pump system (1x10-6 Pa) is optional
    Adsorbate Gas: high purity nitrogen, CO2 or others (Ar, Kr, H2, CH4 etc.)
    Data Acquisition: high-precision and high integration data acquisition modules, minimal error, strong anti-interference ability
    Specifications: Height 22.05 inches (56cm)* Width 20.87 inches (53cm)*Depth 23.62 inches (60cm); 132 pound (60kg); 220V/5A
    H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption features:
    Control System: imported VCR interface high pressure pneumatic valve can realize auto on-off within 200Bar, sealing performance is top to 1x10-10 Pa.m3/s, can be used more than 500 million times; programmable logic controller (PLC) system, high integration and sound anti-interference, improve stability and prolong life
    Analysis Management:parameters be set by software, fully automated, unattended operation at night; H-Sorb mode is available for accurate control gas charging pressure points, gain ideal data points
    Manifold System: imported 316L stainless steel thick-walled manifolds, micro welding sealing can reduce dead space largely; metal VCR connection is convenient for installation and uninstallation
    Safety Measures: H-Sorb asymptotic technology realizes auto gas-charging and degassing, prevents high pressure dangers caused by artificial misoperation, and also minimizes large differential pressure’s impact to pressure transducer
    H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption application
    1. Study and research in high temperature and pressure gas sorption, supercritical gas performance, microporous materials, hydrogen storage materials, coalbed gas, oil exploration, methane etc.
    2. Catalysts, molecular sieves, active carbon, carbon nano-tube, fuel cell, hydrocarbon and other materials
    Contact info:
    Tel.: 0086-182 0108 5158
    Skype: Gold-APP-Instruments
    Gold APP Instruments China produces analyzers cover flow gas adsorption principle BET surface area analyzers,volumetric adsorption principle surface area and pore size analyzers,high pressure and temperature gas adsorption analyzers and helium gas pycnometer true density analyzer. Also with many lab parts like platinum/Pt crucible, gold/Au crucible, nickel crucible, platinum-gold alloy crucible, platinum/gold dish and plates, pure platinum/iridium/gold/platinum rhodium/platinum iridium wires and plates.
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