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Cell/Tissue Culture Plates
Cell/Tissue Culture Plates
Place of Origin:
Guangzhou JET Bio-Filtration Products,Co.,Ltd
6well,12well,24well,48well, 96well
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    JET BIOFIL ® Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are ideal manufacture for cell growth and cell yields on multiple, compare and other analyse

    ◎ Available with 5 different growth surface areas of 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 wells
    ◎ Either surface-treated or non-treated
    ◎ Uniform well volume ensure equal growth surface area
    ◎ Flat well bottom
    ◎ Well surface is smooth and free from striation to maximize usable growth area
    ◎ Raised rims on wells with the uniform rings on the lid to reduce evaporation
    ◎ Single position lid reduce the risks of cross-contamination and the misplay of handle
    ◎ Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
    ◎ Suitable for all the common instruments and automation
    ◎ Sterilized by gamma irradiation
    ◎ Certified non-pyrogenic

    Order Information
    ◎ Individually packed in peel-to-open paper/plastic blister pack.
    ◎ Every case has printed lot No. for quality traceablity.

    Cat. No. Well Qty. Surface Type

    Max Well Volume(ml)
    (single well)

    Working Volume(ml)
    (single well)
    Lid Sterile Qty. per bag/case
    TCP001006 6 General, Non-treated 17.0 1.90-2.90 Y Y 1/100
    TCP001012 12 6.80 0.76-1.14 Y Y 1/100
    TCP001024 24 3.50 0.38-0.57 Y Y 1/100
    TCP001048 48 1.55 0.19-0.29 Y Y 1/100
    TCP001096 96 0.39 0.075-0.20 Y Y 1/100
    TCP002096 96U 0.32 0.32 Y Y 1/100

    Cat. No. Well Qty. Surface

    Max Well Volume(ml)
    (single well)

    Working Volume(ml)
    (single well)
    Cell Growth
    Area (cm 2 )
    (single well)
    Lid Sterile Qty. per bag/case
    TCP011006 6 General, surfece
    17.0 1.90-2.90 9.60 Y Y 1/100
    TCP011012 12 6.80 0.76-1.14 3.85 Y Y 1/100
    TCP011024 24 3.50 0.38-0.57 1.93 Y Y 1/100
    TCP011048 48 1.55 0.19-0.29 0.84 Y Y 1/100
    TCP011096 96 0.39 0.075-0.20 0.33 Y Y 1/100
    TCP012096 96U 0.32 0.32 0.32 Y Y 1/100

    For more information, please leave us a message or contact us by

    Tel:(8620)82001695, E-mail:amanda@jetbiofil.com

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    Guangzhou JET Bio-filtration,Co. Ltd,which was invested by Canada JET Biochemicals Int’l.,Inc. in China,is a High-Tech enterprise engaged in research and development,manufacturing and sales of disposable bio-medical devices,such as flasks,plates and dishes for tissue culture,ELISA plate,syringe-driven and vacuum-driven filters and serological pipette and so on. President Jian H.Yuan,the founder of the company who works in USA for a long time,and his collogues are making their best efforts for a dream to make the company becoming a leader supplier of high-section of disposable bio-medical materials and devices in China.

    The company owns a group of famous experts from China and abroad in the fields of biological technology,surface treatment of high molecular materials and model manufacture. Two R&D laboratories and a facility with 100000-grade of cleaning environment contacting development and manufacturing was built up in Canada and in Guangzhou,China. The advanced instrument and equipment for material surface treatment and product manufacture make an ability of 100 million pieces under the TUV ISO13485:2003&ISO9001:2008 quality management system.. A QA/QC system guarantees the quality of products to the international standard.
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