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Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen Generator
Place of Origin:
Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation (BRAIC)
SPH-300 ,SPH-200 ,SPH-500
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                     SPH-300 Hydrogen generator

                             Hydrogen Purity:                  99.999%

                                   Hydrogen Flow:                    0~300ml/min

                                   Working Pressure:               0.4MPa, 0.6MPa optional

                                   Consumed Power:               150W

                                   Dimension:                            370×180×330mm

                                   Net Weight:                           10Kg











                                 SPH-200 Hydrogen generator

                             Hydrogen Purity:                  99.999%

                                   Hydrogen Flow:                   0 - 200ml/min

                                   Working Pressure:              0.3MPa

                                   Consumed Power:              100W

                                   Dimension:                          200×140×290(mm)

                                   Net Weight:                         6Kg
















                       SPH-500 Hydrogen generator

                              Hydrogen Purity:                  99.999%

                                     Hydrogen Flow:                   0 - 500ml/min

                                     Working Pressure:              0.4MPa, 0.6MPa optional

                                     Consumed Power:              250W

                                       Dimension:                          370×180×330(mm)

                                       Net Weight:                         10Kg


    Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Corporation (BRAIC) is a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic instruments in China. Since it was founded in 1968, the company has been devoting itself to the research, development and manufacture of spectroscopic instruments with thirty years experience in this field, BRAIC now offers six series of over 20 models of products, which include atomic absorption spectrophotometers, optical emission spectrometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, FTIR spectrometers, biochemical analyzers and grating monochromators. The instruments serve a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemical, petroleum, agriculture, metallurgy, geology, environmental protection etc..

    The company incorporates a machining workshop, an optical processing workshop and a grating laboratory, which are all equipped with high precision equipment and advanced technology for instrument manufacturing. It is also provided with several test rooms necessary for instrument quality examination. To provide good after-sales service, we have a strong service team in the factory and a service network all over China. BRAIC is also among the first in analytical instruments field to have passed the ISO9001 certification of international quality system.

    For the past decades, BRAIC has successfully imported the advanced technologies from countries of France, Japan, Switzerland and the United States for the manufacture of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, UV/VIS spectrophotometer and FTIR spectrophotometer, etc. The instrument manufacturing technology has reached the world level. BRAIC's products are not only sold well in domestic market, especially the atomic absorption spectrophotometers which occupy nearly 50% of the domestic market shares, but also exported to foreign countries of USA, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa etc.

    BRAIC, the pride of Chinese analytical instruments manufacturer.
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