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Chromatographic column loader
Chromatographic column loader
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    Colo column loader
    It is used in conjunction with the chromatographic column to load more chromatographic media into the column and improve the separation effect
    Select the corresponding connection specification for the corresponding chromatographic column
    Design volume: can be selected according to the user's chromatographic medium volum
    NO. Specifications Volume range/ml Max.pressure
    JZ-0232 HCC10Column loader 30ml 2Mpa
    JZ-0230 PCC16 Column oader 130ml 0.7Mpa
    JZ-0231 PCC26Column loader 320ml 0.7Mpa
    JZ-0233 HCC16Column loader 130ml 1Mpa
    JZ-0234 HCC26Column loader 320ml 1Mpa
    JZ-0235 HCC50Column loader 420ml 0.7Mpa
    JZ-0236 HCC50Column loader 1200ml 0.7Mpa

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    Suzhou COSTONES Instruments Co., Ltd. (COSTONES) is an instrument company focusing
    on separation and purification. It is an equipment supplier and service provider
    for biopharmaceutical, cell therapy and gene testing. It is committed to providing
    users with industry-leading technical support and services.
    The company has a perfect service system and executive power. It interprets the
    user experience from the four aspects of technical communication, scheme design,
    technical support and after-sales service, and tries to achieve seamless connection
    in every link until it is recognized by customers.
    For a long time, we have maintained good cooperative relations with domestic and
    foreign suppliers. The main products include protein purification system,
    compressible chromatographic column, ultrafiltration system, chromatographic
    ultrafiltration accessories, etc., and provide maintenance services and customized
    product services;
    At present, Suzhou quarrying has provided high-quality services for
    biopharmaceutical, cell therapy, research institutes and scientific research users.
    It has carried out in-depth cooperation with customers and become a reliable partner
    for customers to achieve win-win results.
    We take quality first as the standard, quickly respond to customer needs, help
    customers solve problems, improve efficiency, and take improving core
    competitiveness for customers as our service tenet. We are willing to realize our
    own value while creating value for customers and society through our unremitting
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