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Vertical low temperature refrigerator
Vertical low temperature refrigerator
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    OLABO Vertical Type -25C Low Temperature Freezer Price Hot for Sale
    Product Description

    Structural design:
    1. The outer box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is treated with environmentally friendly ceramics and spraying processes. The inner box body is made of international standard SUS304 stainless steel.

    Temperature control:
    1. Adopt microcomputer control system and digital temperature display to ensure accurate and stable operation;
    2. Precise electronic temperature control with an accuracy of 0.1℃;
    3. Good cooling layout, the temperature inside the box is stable within the range of -10℃~-25℃;
    4. Adapt to ST (38°C) ambient temperature and provide reliable storage temperature for reagents, medicines, samples, etc.

    Refrigerating system:
    1. Original imported compressor, environmentally friendly and efficient hydrocarbon refrigerant, fast cooling speed, high cooling efficiency, low power consumption;
    2. The evaporator adopts high-efficiency heat transfer copper pipes, which are pre-embedded on the wall of the inner box, and conduct cooling to save internal space;
    3. The high-density insulation foam layer adopts environmentally friendly cyclopentane foaming agent, which has good insulation effect.
    Security Guarantee:
    1. It has the functions of high and low temperature alarm in the box, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm (support 8 hours), and abnormal door opening and closing alarm;
    2. With dual alarm modes of sound buzzer and light flashing;
    3. Fail safe operation mode of thermostat measuring point (display sensor and control sensor are mutual backup);
    4. Password protection function prevents random adjustment of operating parameters;
    5. Power failure protection: The refrigerator has a delayed start function to avoid breaker protection caused by multiple devices starting at the same time when the power grid is restored.

    Humanized design:
    1. Wide voltage band, suitable for use under 187~242V voltage;
    2. Quiet design, suitable for quiet environment;
    3. Safety door lock design to ensure the safety of stored items;
    4. Large-screen digital display is convenient for observation;
    5. The standard test hole is convenient for users to monitor or collect data in experiments;
    6. Height-adjustable shelf design, adjust the height according to the different items, improve space utilization;
    7. The design of universal brake casters is convenient for users to move equipment;
    8. The double-layer door seal design can lock the air-conditioning to prevent leakage, the temperature is more uniform, and the product is more energy-saving;


    Model  OLB-25V270  
    Technical parameter  Type (shelf/drawer)/material  Shelf/stainless steel 
    Number of layers  4
    Cooling method (air cooling/direct cooling)  Direct cooling 
    Defrosting method (automatic/manual)  Manual 
    Refrigerant/g  R290/90g 
    Noise level  53dB(A) 
    Temperature  Ambient temperature  10~32℃  
    temperature range  -10~25
    Control  Evaporator type  Built-in coil type 
    Evaporator material  Copper tube 
    Condenser type Wire tube 
    Condenser material  Bondi tube 
    sensor type  NTC 
    Display mode (LCD/LED)  LED digital tube 
    Electricity parameter  Voltage/frequency (V/Hz)  220/50Hz 
    Power (W)  290
    Current (A)  2.1
    Material  Internal material  304 stainless steel 
    External material  Sprayed steel plate
    Heat insulation  Polyurethane cyclopentane foam 
    Size  Effective volume (L)  270
    Net weight (kg)  115/155 
    External dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm)  690×744×1631 
    Internal dimensions (width * depth * height) (mm)  520×567×1013 
    Packing size (width * depth * height) (mm)  810*860*1820

    For more details, please visit our official website: www.olabo.cc
    Contact information:
    Attn: Darcy Li
    Email: export@olabo.cc
    Tel: +86-531-88755072
    Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 182 5315 7317
    Address: No. 9, Gangxing Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

    OLABO, we have over 2000 employees until now, specialized in biosafety protection, PCR equipment, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system, cold chain products, medical diagnosis project.
    Headquartered in Jinan City (Shandong Province), the company has 20 years of experience in the medical and scientific equipment industry and is committed to providing high-quality laboratory equipment products and services to distributors and customers.
    OLABO insists on the service concept of "Start with customer demand, End with customer satisfaction", have professional team of experts, scholars as well as other scientific research stuff. Until now, we have established cooperation with customers from all over the world.
    OLABO is one of your best trustworthy partner, welcome to start the business with us!
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