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Soil pH/Eh meter
Soil pH/Eh meter
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    HLY-216 Product introduction:
    HLY-216 is an instrument developed by our company to directly detect pH, eh and temperature of soil. The data can be read out quickly and accurately without dissolving the soil. Hly-216 adopts solid tip glass electrode, which is durable and not fragile. Hly-216 has the function of automatic temperature compensation, and the electrode will not be affected by the temperature, resulting in inaccurate data measurement. The kit is equipped with a drilling rod. It is safer to drill before inserting the electrode into the soil for testing. It is suitable for field environment or laboratory measurement. This product  can be measured by the measuring Institute, with guaranteed product accuracy.


    Soil pH/Eh meter HLY-216 features:
    1. Solid tip glass electrode, durable and non fragile, with high detection accuracy and good repeatability
    2. With automatic or manual temperature compensation function
    3. It has the function of automatic lock and hold, and the instrument automatically senses and locks the measured value
    4. With 50 groups of measurement data memory function
    5. Low power indication
    6. IP65 protection class, water splash proof shell
    7. Equipped with punch bar to ensure safer electrode detection


    Soil pH/Eh meter HLY-EX216 Technical data:
    PH detection range: -2.00 ~ 16.00pH
    Resolution: 0.01 pH
    Accuracy: ±0.02 pH
    EH detection range: -1999 ~ 1999MV
    Resolution: 1MV
    Accuracy: ±0.1%F.S. ±1digit
    Temperature detection temperature range: -10.0 ~ 120.0°C
    Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
    Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C
    Calibration: two point calibration, optional calibration solution (ph7.00, 4.01, 10.01), (ph6.86, 4.00, 9.18)
    Input impedance: >1012 Ω
    Temperature compensation auto/manual: - 10.0 to 120.0°C
    Data storage: 50 groups of data
    The automatic shutdown function: does not perform any operation. It will be automatically shut down after 30 minutes
    Ambient temperature :0-50°C ,Relative humidity below 90%
    Protection class of enclosure: IP65
    Power supply: 1 9VDC battery
    Size: 7cm × 19.8cm × 3.7cm (length × width × height)
    Weight (including battery) 260g


    Product configuration:
    One HLY-216 host, one pH electrode, one temperature electrode, one Eh electrode (optional), one set of buffer (two bottles of ph7.00, 4.01, 10.01, ph6.86, 4.00 and 9.18), one punch bar, one suitcase, one 9V battery, one  manual and one certificate of conformity.

    Wuhan Hanliny Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Zhongnan International Building, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of soil testing instruments, plant testing instruments and environmental testing instruments. It is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The main products include soil/fertilizer Nutritional Parameters, soil temperature and humidity meter, soil moisture meter, soil conductivity meter, soil salinity meter, soil moisture temperature and salinity meter, soil pH/Eh tester, soil three parameter tester, soil moisture station, soil drill, soil drill comprehensive suit, root drill suit, original soil sampler, etc.; photosynthetic instrument, Leaf transpiration rate meter, Plant respirometer, canopy analyzer, root scanning analysis system, chlorophyll meter, leaf area meter, stem strength meter, leaf thickness meter, etc.; weather station, handle weather station, greenhouse environmental station, greenhouse environmental recorder, temperature and humidity recorder, CO2 recorder, rainfall record Instrument, solar radiation recorder and other instruments.
    The company's products are mainly used in agriculture, forestry, teaching, scientific research, meteorology, environment and other fields. It cooperates with many agricultural universities, scientific research institutions, agricultural extension stations, soil and fertilizer stations, agricultural and forestry bureaus, etc., and has been unanimously praised by customers. The company adheres to high-quality after-sales service, technical training for each sold instrument, regular return visit, Q & A, deeply trusted and supported by users.
    Hanliny adheres to the concept of innovation and pragmatism, pursuit of excellence, sincerity and customer first, will adhere to the research and development of more advanced instruments and equipment, and serve customers with high-quality products, quality and preferential prices.
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