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0.001EU/ml EDI System Ultrapure Water Equipment
0.001EU/ml EDI System Ultrapure Water Equipment
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                  ZYMICRO--EDI System

    Ultra pure water machine will be purified from the city of high-purity laboratory water, is a new generation adhering to the "human design, high positioning standards" R & D and production, based on PLC automatic control and ARM series of single-chip and touch screen technology Machine interface high-end water machine, to achieve the graphical display of water flow, flow monitoring supplies replacement function, regular quantitative water intake function, historical data query function and many other technologies. Professional for scientific research and analysis of high demand for experimental projects.

    EDI System

    EDI System

    • Source water four level to strengthen the purification device(PP+AC+ soften + Ultrafiltration)
    • The United States original Dow RO reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate as high as 98%
    • National first pretreatment system automatic double backwash function
    • Ultra - pure column filled with ultra - pure water machine dedicated Dow 450 polishing resin
    • Imported ultra-filtration membrane shutoff molecules
    • Imported dual-wavelength UV digestion
    • Germany Sartorius terminal microfiltration
    • Touch screen and ARM series microcontroller microcomputer control, with automatic control function
    • Intelligent TFT real color man-machine interface touch screen, graphic display system water flow, animation display to achieve '' man-machine dialogue function '
    • The system has three water quality test display function, source water (PPM), pure water (us / cm) ultra-pure water monitoring         

    The Working Process of EDI System

    EDI System

    1. Pre-treatment system:
    PP filter (DN: 5 μm): efficiently filtrate silt, rust, suspended matter, algo, colliod and all impurities whose diameter is over than 5 μm in the raw water.
    AC filter:  to adsorb residual chlorine, pigment, off-flavor, and part of organic matters.
    2. Reverse osmosis system: This filtration technique make use of pressure differential as impetus to produce deionized water by RO membrane. Desalinization rate: ≥ 99.5%.
    3. Ultra-pure cartridge: replace positive ion and negative ion by resin. It can steadily produce 18.25MΩ.cm ultra-pure water.
    4. EDI membrane: stably produce ultrapure water
    5. UV lamp: sterilization and disinfection.
    6. UF membrane: 5000Dalton.
    The Parameter of EDI System
    EDI System
    Company Information

    EDI System

    EDI System

    EDI SystemEDI System

    EDI System

    Packaging & Shipping
    EDI System
    EDI System

    Why choose us : 

    1. Professional manufacturer : More than 10 years experience in prodcuing pure water treatment system .

    2. Strict time control : Ensure delivery time. 

    3. Factory strength:  The factory area is more than 2000m3, more than 100 workers.

    4. After-sales service : 24 Hours online for service.

    5. Customized is available. Sample order is available.

    Please "sent "us message to get more information !!!
    Sichuan Zhuoyue Water Treatment Equipment Co.,ltd is a integrated water treatment manufacturer with scientific research, design, production, sales, installation,after-sales services in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, specializing in the production of laboratory ultra-pure water machine, medical water machine, pure /ultra-pure water equipment,water softener and other related water treatment equipment. Our 1500㎡modern factory is located in Rongzhi Innovation Industrial Park at Pixian modern industrial road, While 300㎡Sales Department office is located in Jinfu International Building, Jinniu District. Nowadays, the number of company staff is up to 100 and more. And also a complete after-sales service network is set up all over the country.
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