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Small Mini Laboratory 16mm 22mm Vial Home Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drier Lyophilizer Liofilizador
Small Mini Laboratory 16mm 22mm Vial Home Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drier Lyophilizer Liofilizador
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    Mini Laboratory 16mm 22mm Vial Home Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drier Lyophilizer Liofilizador


    NovaDryer-HF100 Mini Laboratory & Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer
    Factory Direct Online & Video Technical After-Sales Service Available!

    Mini Small Laboratory Vacuum Freeze Dryer NovaDryer-HF100  is used for freeze dry of samples in laboratory,hospitals, food industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as for food industry.
    Other applications:Home Freeze dryer for fruit, vegetables, food, dairy product,flower, herb and coffee.



    lyophilizer 100V3 (1).jpg
    lyophilizer 100V3 (2).jpgHow Healthy Is Freeze-Dried Fruit?

    Freeze-dried fruit is similar to dried fruit, because it has been dehydrated, but it has a crunchy texture. The nutrients that freeze-dried fruit contains offer several health benefits, making it a good addition to a well-balanced diet.

    √ Low In Calories

    √ High in Fiber

    √ 100% Antioxidants Preserved

    √ Natural Sweetness, No Added Sugar, 

    √ Nutrients As Fresh Fruit

    lyophilizer 100V3 (3).jpg
    lyophilizer 100V3 (4).jpg

    Main Features

    • 1-2Kg/batch freeze drying capacity for food, vegetable, fruit, dessert, dairy products like milk. (More models from 1Kg/batch~1000Kg/Batch available. Click Here)
    • Micro controller with colour LCD Touch screen and password protection
    • Powder coated exterior (Optional: Stainless steel. Click here for details)
    • Stainless steel sample tray, chamber,and food grade connectors and vacuum pump tubing
    • Thermostatic shelf heating with max. 60C Deg, protecting food nutrition from being damaged by over heat
    • 7/8HP Powerful SECOP compressor with R404a CFC free refrigerant (Optional: Oil vacuum pump)
    • Removable rubber gasket and detachable sample rack, easy for cleaning
    • Clear acrylic door with direct observation of sample processing 
    • Automatic freeze drying process including pre-freezing, cold trap refrigeration, vacuum pumping, drying and insulation.
    • Free installation, operation training, engineer direct lifetime technical support are provided

     lyophilizer 100V3 (5).jpg


    Product Freeze Dryer
    Model NovaDryer-HF100
    Load Capacity 1-2Kg
    Shelf Size 150x280(3PCS)
    Shelf Space 45mm
    Single Batch of Samples (Kg/24Hr) 1-2
    Cold Trap Temperature(℃) -35
    Extreme Vacuum Degree(Pa) 10
    Dimensions (WxDxH,mm) 400x550x700
    Power(W) 750
    Power Supply AC220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz,110V/60Hz
    Net Weight (Kg) 50Kg

    Why Choose US?

    Features We Some Brands
    Color LCD Touch Screen                    Yes No
    User Programming Allowed (Automatic & Manual) Not Allowed (Automatic Only)
    Maintenance Weekly Daily
    Vacuum Pump Oil Replacement Every 3-4 weeks Every a few running
    USB Data Export Available Not Available
    Noise Quite Up to
    Warranty 12+2=14 months after shipment 12 months
    Defrost Automatic heating Natural defrost
    Language Standard: English
    English Only
    Training Course Available User manual only
    Video technical support Available Not available

    lyophilizer 100V3 (6).jpg
    company profile-title.jpgWith R&D and production base in Shanghai as well as over 15 years of manufacturing experience in international market for constant temperature equipment (thermal & refrigeration equipment) for laboratory, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and home use, Senova is to serve global distributors with both reliable products complying with international standard and after-sales service.lyophilizer 100V3 (7).jpg2020 SPRING BIG SALE NOW ON!
    To Get Your Surprising Price!

    Contact US for Special Offer!
    lyophilizer 100V3 (8).jpg

    FAQ-HF100-400-600.jpgContact Us Now to Get Your Surprising Price!Free Upgrade of Fully Automatic Control System Contact US for Special Offer! CLICK HERE>>

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