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FlowControl™ Software
FlowControl™ Software
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United Kingdom
Uniqsis Ltd.
Uniqsis Ltd.
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    FlowControl™ enables the control of either the Uniqsis FlowSyn™ or Binary Pump™ 2-channel reagent addition module and any add-on modules (such as the HotCoil™, fraction collector, or Polar Bear Plus Flow™) from a single PC-based control panel.

    Wireless or remote control over a local area network.
    Automatically logs and stores real-time experiment data.
    Saves experiment settings - archived protocols can be recalled and repeated at will.
    Experiments can be easily scaled simply by specifying a bigger reactor.
    Define your system configuration using a graphical flow-path representation.
    Experiments are programmed in a chemically intuitive way
    All background calculations (e.g. flow rates and valve switch timings) are performed automatically
    Product collection may be either controlled by an external detector or time-based.
    Improved throughput - loop filling for the next experiment can be begun before the current expt has finished
    Recall and review logged data from previous experiments whilst another experiment is running.
    Founded in January 2007, UK, Uniqsis is committed to developing innovative flow chemistry products for customers in the chemical research and biopharmaceutical sectors. This commitment is exemplified by the FlowSyn range of fully integrated flow reactors, designed and manufactured by Uniqsis, and now the research tool of choice for many research chemists across the world.
    With our head office located in Cambridge, UK we are an internationally represented company with a global distribution network. Countries currently without a local Uniqsis distributor are serviced directly from our offices in the UK. For a full list of distributors please visit
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