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Biotech Fluidics: Realtime flowmeters provide full software connectivity to HPLC data system

Hits:204   Date: 5/16/2024
Biotech Fluidics announce powerful RC.net/ICF compatible software for its Liquid flow meter range enabling these useful devices to operate seamlessly with chromatography software packages from different HPLC manufacturers.
Supplied digitally calibrated with a certificate of conformity, Biotech Fluidics range of liquid flow meters deliver high-precision and accuracy across a wide measurement range. Using these compact non-invasive devices a growing number of scientists are monitoring liquid chromatography systems and getting pump performance diagnostic data in real time.


Fritiof Ponten, Managing Director of Biotech Fluidics said “To enhance quality control of HPLC results we are introducing a flowmeter software package that allows scientists to collect and store real-time flow rate information along with their chromatography detector data. Based on RC.net/ICF technology this software enables Biotech flowmeters to seamlessly integrate with Chromatography Data System software packages including OpenLab, Clarity, Empower, LabSolutions and WinGPC. He concluded “Our powerful RC.net/ICF compatible flowmeter is the perfect tool for regulated environments where traceable data provides increased confidence in your obtained results.”
Biotech Liquid flow meters are specifically designed for continuous measurement of flow rates. Compatible with a wide range of solvents/pH and pressures up to 3 MPa (435 psi), they are proven to provide for high-precision measurement of flow rates ranging from 10 nl/min-80µl/min up to 650 mL/minute.
For further information please visit https://www.biotechfluidics.com/products-sensors-flowmeter/ or contact the Biotech Fluidics on + 46 300 56 91 80 / + 1-612-703-5718 / info@biotechfluidics.com.


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