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The 14th SCBA International Symposium ( July 19-23, 2013, Xi’an, China)

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The 14th SCBA International Symposium
The First Announcement

Xi’an, China
July 19-23, 2013

Conference Theme: Better Life and Health

Sponsor Organizations: The Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America 
 The Chinese Academy of Engineering Faculty of Medical and Health

Host Organizations: The Forth Military Medical University 
The Translational Medicine and Biotechnology Innovation Alliance of China

Dear Colleague:
We are deeply honored to invite you to attend the Fourteenth International Symposium of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (The 14th SCBA International Symposium) in Xi’an, China from the 19th to 22nd of July, 2013.

Life science is one of the fastest evolving research fields in China and around the world, with enormous implications on human health and social advancement. The last few decades have witnessed the birth and growth of molecular biology, human genome science, stem cell biology and a variety of interdisciplinary subjects that have profoundly enriched our knowledge of human life. The discoveries and achievements have also provided unprecedented opportunities for the sustainable development of agriculture, medicine, energy, environment and many other industries.

Now we are delighted to announce that the 14th SCBA International Symposium will be held in July 2013 in Xi’an, Shaanxi. The symposium will be co-sponsored by SCBA and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and will be co-hosted by The Forth Military Medical University and the Translational Medicine and Biotechnology Innovation Alliance of China. Invited speakers include distinguished investigators of life sciences, agriculture, medicine, and related disciplines from both China and abroad. Students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to submit paper and poster presentations and will have a chance to win prizes for their excellent work. We anticipate that this international symposium will not only be an exciting showcase of new advancements in life science but also help to build and strengthen communications and collaborations among people from all related fields around the globe.

Xi'an, the capital city of thirteen dynasties in ancient China, is immersed in thousands of years of cultural history. The world heritage Terra Cotta Warriors and other renowned treasures have made Xi’an a must-see place for visitors from all over the world. Today, top-notch research, high-end technology and a wealth of educational resources have brought a new look to this burgeoning vibrant city. A number of tours and activities will be available for symposium participants and guests so you can enjoy more than just science.

Location: Shaanxi Hotel, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China
Date: July 19-22, 2013
More symposium information will be updated in future announcements.

We appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours,
Xiao-Fan Wang, Ph.D., President of SCBA
Chair of the 14th SCBA International Symposium

Zhi-Nan Chen, Executive Chair of the 14th SCBA International Symposium

The 14th SCBA International Symposium (July 19-23, 2013, Xi’an, China)

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