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Highly Efficient, Reproducible Non-Cytotoxic Transfection Reagent

Hits:2998   Date: 1/13/2011

GenePORTER® Gold from AMSBIO is a new highly efficient and reproducible lipid-based reagent for effective transfection of a wide variety of cell lines.

Molecular target delivery faces many barriers, from crossing the cell type-specific extracellular membrane, to cytoplasmic degradation and translocation across the nuclear membrane. To be effective, the transfection reagent/DNA complexes must overcome all of these challenges whilst minimizing cytotoxicity.
Traditionally the most efficient delivery methods have also been the most cytotoxic. Using Advanced Carrier Enhancement technology, a nuclear targeting mechanism that maximizes transfection and transgene expression levels while still maintaining high cell viability, GenePORTER® Gold has been able to address this limitation.

Based on generations of proven cationic lipid formulations with more than 850 citations to date, GenePORTER® Gold uniquely combines consistent delivery and reliability with the lowest reported cytotoxicity of commercially available transfection reagents. The GenePORTER® Gold protocol has been optimized to provide simple, same-day transfection making it ideal for high throughput or large scale applications where the need for consistent results is highly desirable.

For further information on GenePORTER® Gold Transfection Reagent please visit
http://www.amsbio.com/GenePORTER-Gold-Transfection-Reagent.aspx or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / email: info@amsbio.com .

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