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Tower Cold Chain Launches Live Tracking and Monitoring

Hits:190   Date: 4/10/2024
Tower Cold Chain has unveiled an innovative live tracking feature in collaboration with ELPRO - a global leader in monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical and life science industries. This partnership enhances Tower's advanced passive temperature-controlled containers, offering customers near real-time insights into their shipments throughout the transit process when renting a KTEvolution solution.

The live tracking option, available for Tower’s parcel-sized KTEvolution range in 26 litre and 57 litre sizes, delivers comprehensive monitoring of shock, tilt, altitude, location, and internal/external temperatures. Particularly beneficial for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, this technology ensures end-to-end transparency, which is crucial for high-value or direct-to-patient deliveries.

The ELPRO logger will notify and alert users in cases of temperature deviations, allowing for immediate and proactive intervention – enhancing quality assurance, compliance and reducing costs associated with the damage or spoilage of all-important, valuable products.


By utilising this new live tracking capability, customers are not only able to optimise their cold chain processes but also mitigate risks and address any unforeseen circumstances as they happen, equipped with near real time IoT data.

James Vann, Product Development and Innovation Manager at Tower Cold Chain said: “Through this collaboration with ELPRO, Tower Cold Chain strengthens its ability to safeguard the integrity of our customer’s temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

“With many pharmaceutical products requiring end-to-end security, the live tracking option will be indispensable for maintaining high levels of quality assurance, compliance, and process optimisation.”

This latest addition to Tower's suite of offerings follows the recent introduction of other value-added services earlier in 2024, including the Tower Control Center. This online portal enables customers to access comprehensive shipment data, documents and the ability to utilise a journey simulation tool, further enhancing efficient planning and risk mitigation.

“Tower is committed to providing the latest innovative solutions that maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive shipments and ensure peace of mind for our customers worldwide,” concluded James.

From 2nd of April 2024, all rentals of KTEvolution 26 or KTEvolution 57 units will be equipped with the ECOLOG-PRO xG datalogger. Tower KT400 and KTM units will remain equipped with the InTemp CX405-RTD datalogger to continue to provide customers with the level of visibility and control they require for their shipments. Both data logger options, approved by most airlines, enable Tower customers to make agile, informed decisions throughout each shipment, ensuring adherence to quality and compliance standards.
About Tower (www.towercoldchain.com)  
Tower delivers proven physical and temperature protection for pharmaceutical and life science products and our robust, reliable, and reusable containers are the essential link in the stability of the cold chain.

Headquartered in the UK, we operate a global network ensuring availability and easy access to our products for all customers.

We are trusted by global pharmaceutical, logistics and airline companies and our experienced team, supported by a centralised quality-management system, reinforces customer confidence that our shipping facilities will meet requirements throughout the supply chain. Our patented design technology ensures our solutions meet the pharmaceutical industry performance standard, providing a minimum of 120 hours temperature compliance in any environment, anywhere in the world.

We work closely with our customers, realising their requirements and how we can address emerging needs. and to deliver customer-focused innovation in temperature-controlled protection.
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