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CD Genomics Revolutionizes Epigenetic Study with Advanced Chip-on-Chip and DNA Methylation Microarray Services

Hits:377   Date: 3/27/2024
CD Genomics, a leading provider of genomic and epigenomic services, now extends its service line with two specialized solution, the ChIP-on-chip Service and DNA Methylation Microarray Service. Recognizing the pivotal role of epigenetics in understanding the blueprint of life, CD Genomics aspires to aid research and clinical efforts with these advanced technologies.
Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP) is a powerful tool for studying protein-DNA interactions. In CD Genomics' ChIP-on-chip Service, specific DNA-protein interactions can be identified. The process involves the use of antibodies to isolate protein-bound DNA, followed by hybridization to a microarray chip (hence ChIP-on-chip). This technology advantageously allows for a high-throughput screening of protein-DNA interactions across an entire genome, opening up valuable insights into gene regulation and function.
The second novel technique is the DNA Methylation Microarray Service. This technique proves to be a powerful tool for global genomic DNA methylation status examination. DNA methylation, an essential epigenetic modification, plays a vital role in gene expression regulation, X-chromosome inactivation, and genome stability, among others. By studying DNA methylation patterns, researchers can shed light on processes related to aging, cancer, and diverse human diseases.
Understanding epigenetic modifications and how they affect gene function represents a burgeoning area of interest in the biological world. CD Genomics is proud to stand at the forefront of these advances, consistently offering researchers cutting-edge technologies to deepen our collective understanding of genomics.
“With these two offerings, CD Genomics can provide researchers a powerful suite of tools to better understand genomic and genetic interactions," said the Senior Scientist of CD Genomics. "We believe these additions reflect our ongoing commitment to delivering reliable, high-throughput and cost-effective genomic and genetic services to the scientific community.”
CD Genomics employs robust bioinformatics tools to interpret the vast amount of data generated by these high-throughput methods. Elaborative reports are generated to provide in-depth understanding of the outcomes, which contribute to the elucidation of complex biological phenomena.
These services will bolster the efforts of biological and medical communities in gaining deeper insights into gene function and regulation, thereby advancing knowledge in disease pathogenesis and in the development of innovative therapeutic strategies. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, CD Genomics stays committed to aiding the global scientific endeavor with state-of-the-art genomic and epigenomic technologies.
Join hands with CD Genomics today and uncover the mysteries hidden in the human genomic landscape. Explore the untapped potential in the world of epigenetics and accelerate your research journey with our advanced genomic solutions.
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