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The 5th ADC Development Summit

Hits:509   Date: 12/7/2023

Event info:
Name:The 5th ADC Development Summit (China Focus)
Location: Suzhou,China
Time:March 1-2,2024

Event Background:
As of October 30,2023, 15 ADC drugs had received approval worldwide.  Promising clinical benefits and significant advancements had been made by the effort from academic and industry since 2018.  For instance, Enhertu a groundbreaking treatment for HER2+ Cancer showing great potential to become blockbuster. The global ADC market in 2022 has grown to US$7.9 billion with a CAGR of 40.4% between 2018 and 2022. Innovation Conjugate platform, optimization of DASs and improved linker together improving ADC precision、clinical efficiency、reduced off-target toxicity。 China's ADC drug development has also successfully attracted investments, cooperation, and licensing out for big pharmaceuticals worldwide.  As for this background, we are going to launch the 5th ADC Development Summit in March 1-2, 2024. Suzhou, China.  We are looking forward to meeting you onsite!
Event Topics
Main Forum - Global ADC Investment and Cooperation
ADCs Taking Center Stage
Chinese Collaborations, Approvals and Expansions
The Drivers Behind the Demand for ADCs
A1: Target Selection and Preclinical Research
Novel Biomarkers in ADC
ADC Nonclinical Pharmacology, Toxicology Research and Safety Considerations
Regulatory Perspective of ADC,Nonclinical Safety Assessments
Validated, End-to-End ADC Discovery Platform
Evolving Strategies for Target Selection for ADC
A2: Clinical Development and Beyond Oncology
Global Clinical Trials Challenge
The Strategic Significance and Practice of Clinical Differentiation Development of ADC
ADC Combination Therapy: Combining with Chemotherapy
Exploring ADCs in Solid Tumor and Beyond Streamline the Clinical Path
A3: Next-Generation Conjugates Modalities
Emerging Different Types of Payloads with Novel Mechanism
Increasing Investment for XDC
Better Design and Bring XDC into Clinical
Emerging New Modality :Degrader-Antibody Conjugates / Peptide Drug Conjugates / Dual-Site or Dual-Target ADCs / Bicycle Radio-Conjugates etc…
B1: Collaboration Between MNC & China Biotech
Wider Therapeutic Window Challenge
Development Progress and Collaborative Challenges Between MNC and Chinese Biotech
Global ADC Drug Development & China Opportunities
Next Cooperation Trend: Expansion of Applications and Treatment lines
Risk Management and Patent Protection
B2: Novel ADC Platform Showcase
Revolutionizing ADC Design: Optimized Antibodies, Cleavable Linkers, Innovative Payloads
Designing Linkers to Increase ADC Efficacy and Reduce Toxicity
Dual-Payload ADCs Using Two Different Cytotoxins to Reduce Resistance
Novel ADC Platform: Payload Diversification
B3: License-out & Commercialization Strategy
Lessons Learned from PD-1 License-Out
Broad Collaborations to Expand Pipelines and Explore Overseas Opportunities
Together With Partner and Communicate with Regulatory Closely for IND Application
Jointly Respond to the Commercial Development of Overseas Markets
C1: Linker & Toxicities and ADC Tolerability
Improve Efficacy, Stability, and Reduce Off-Target Toxicities with Linker Design
Effects of ADC Toxicity and Optimization Strategies
Minimizing Toxicities & Improving Tolerability to Maximize the Tl of ADCs
Immunogenicity, Bystander or Systemic Toxicity, and Rapid Clearance
C2: Process Development with Reliable Partner
Ensuring Your ADC's Product Quality, Identity & Potency
Optimizing ADC Process Development to Deliver on Accelerated Timelines
Engineering, Delivery & Dosing Strategies
Diversification of ADC Formats and Overcoming Purification Challenges
C3: Quality Control and Bioanalytical Strategies
Bioanalytical Strategies for ADC PK Analysis
Rapid Characterization Methods to Identify and Investigate New Bioconjugation Sites
Manufacturing Challenges and Trends
Solving Unique ADC Bioanalytical Challenges State-of-the-art Bioanalytical Tools

Event Website: https://www.bagevent.com/event/ADC2024EN

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