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ChIP Validated Antibodies
ChIP Validated Antibodies
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United Kingdom
Porvair Sciences Limited
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    The use of high quality and specific ChIP validated antibodies is essential for the success of a ChIP assay. The antibody must recognise and bind to native protein that is bound to DNA. Antibodies from other applications do not always work well in ChIP.

    Mouse Anti-Histone H3
    Product Code : 700000

    Histone 3 (H3) one of the core histone proteins, comprising the protein component of chromatin. H3 is ubiquitous within chromosomes and can be found bound to most gene sequences throughout the genome. It therefore serves as an abundant antibody target for ChIP and recognises the C-terminal peptide of human histone H3.

     • Applications: ChIP, WB, IP
     • Source: Mouse
     • Concentration: 1mg/ml
     • Type: Monoclonal
     • Size: 100μl
     • Purification: Protein G (affinity purified)
     • Specificity: Mouse, Human, Yeast
     • Storage: -20°C (Avoid multiple free/thaw cycles as this may denature the antibody)

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