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SPF Chicken Isolator
SPF Chicken Isolator
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Biobase Biodustry(Shandong)CO.,LTD
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    SPF chicken isolator

    BCI-I Chicken Isolator is designed for SPF chicken feeding and poultry disease testing, external size and internal construction is set for rationality and easy-operation of rearing and experiments There are two main kinds, one is positive pressure isolator, the other is negative pressure isolator. laboratory animal production mainly use positive pressure isolator, Infected animal experiments must use negative pressure isolator.


    1.      Three sterilization ways available

    ①     UV lamp for sterilization

    ②     Reserved hole for disinfectant spraying sterilization

    ③     Reserved hole for hot steam sterilization

    2.      Filtration system, can protect animals,environment and operator

    Pre-filter→ main HEPA filter→Filter cotton

    3.      Display: Temperature and humidity

    Control button: Fan, UV lamp, Fluorescent lamp, Heating lamp

    Fan speed is adjustable 

    4.      Alarm: high and low temperature alarm.

    5.      Automatic feed water system, labor saving.

    6.      Universal caster with brake and leveling feet,easy to move and fix.

    7.      We adopt full 304 stainless steel material, high quality accessories, such as Butyl gloves, H14 HEPA filter, Pre-filter, feed water system, 304 stainless steel shelf etc.

    8.       Special sealing design, ensure good sealing performance


    9.      . Unique defecation system & fecal leakage shelf, can keep the animal tidy. Animal wastes drop from shelf to bottom fecal collection film, then direct pull of collecting film, and clean out wastes conveniently and quickly, reduce the cleaning frequency.


    Technical parameters



    External Size



    Animal Activity Area



    Waste collection Area



    Rated Voltage


    Rated Frequency


    Air change Rate

    ≥20 times/h

    Airflow Velocity

     0.1m/s~0.2m/s within the chicken living space

    Falling Microbial number 

    (pc/dish hour)





    Pre-filter,HEPA (H14)filter


    LED display: temperature, humidity, Temperature adjustable (10-50C), fan, illumination and UV lamb

    Standard accessories:

    Pre-filter (2 pcs), HEPA filters(2 pcs), filter cotton,UV lamp(1 pc), heating lamp(2 pcs), fluorescent lamp(1 pc), high quality butyl gloves (6 pairs), feeding and drinking system



    BIOBASE is an professional manufacture of laboratory products from 1999.Our main products are Biological Safety Cabinet(Class I/II/III),Laminar Flow Clean Bench,Fume hood,Biochemistry Analyzer,Refrigerator and Incubator.
    We have 530 employees and 20,000square meters production base. Our output per year is amount to 10,000 units. Purchasing the highest quality is the tenet of Biobase. We hope everybody will enjoy BIOBASE service to keep away from the infectious disease.
    BIOBASE have 8 subsidiary companies:
    1. Jinan Biobase Biotech Co., Ltd.
    Main Products: Biological Safety Cabinet, Fume Hood, Laminar Flow Clean Bench, Refrigerator, Incubator, Cool House, Lab Waster Disposing System

    2. Biobase Biodustry (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
    NSF model Biological Safety Cabinet, New Model Biological Safety Cabinet, Biochemistry Analyzer; Liquid Work Station; Water Purifying System

    3. Zhangqiu Meihua International Trading Co., Ltd.
    we export all BIOBASE products through this new company, and also trade a comprehensive range of equipments from basic labs requisites, microscopes & optical instruments, heat & refrigeration solutions, agricultural instruments etc.

    4.. Biobase Clean Project Co., Ltd.
    Biological Safety Clean Room; ICU Ward, GMP Clean Room; PIVA, Clean Operation Room

    5. SAIZ Electrical Co., Ltd.
    Framework of Biological Safety; Electrical Transformer

    6. Jinan BOHUA Instrument Co., Ltd.
    ABS Framwork of Anto Biochemistry Analyzer; ABS Framwork of Biological Safety Cabinet

    7. BASE Net Tech Co., Ltd.
    Medical Software

    8. Zhongan Test Co., Ltd.
    Testing the Status of the Safety Cabinet, Fume Hood, Laminar Flow Clean Bench etc and supply Third-Party Testing Report
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