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RephiSolo U Pack TIX (Compatible to Millipore QGARD TB Cat. QTUM0TIX1 )
RephiSolo U Pack TIX (Compatible to Millipore QGARD TB Cat. QTUM0TIX1 )
Place of Origin:
RephiLe Bioscience, Ltd.
M1001MTIX compatible to Millipore QTUM0TIX1
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    RephiLe Catalog No.: M1001MTIX 
    Millipore Catalog No.: QTUM0TIX1
    Compatible to Millipore QTUM0TIX1, QTUMOTIX1 Quantum IX (Ionex Resin) cartridge filter for Millipore Milli-Q Advantage A10, Milli-Q Integral, and Milli-Q Reference systems. 
    Product Descriptions: 
    This product is designed to remove ionic and organic contaminants below trace level to match the water quality required for your application.
    Purification technology: 
    Ordering Information:

    RephiLe Catalog No.


    Millipore Catalog No.


    RephiSolo U Pack TIX


     Suitable for the following Millipore systems:
     Milli-Q Advantage A10
     Milli-Q Integral
     Milli-Q Reference

    RephiLe Bioscience Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative pure water systems and consumables, and other filtration and purification related products for the life sciences and biotechnology industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with a dependable flow of ultra-pure water that ensures the quality of their research or test outcomes at an economical cost.

    Our core team consists of senior managers and highly experienced pure water equipment R&D and manufacturing engineers from large MNCs in lab water and filtration industry. Our water technology platforms include the most advanced RO and continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) technologies to meet the needs of various laboratories and pilot production requirements: high product water quality that meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI and CAP standards, stable performance, easy to manage, and economical costs.

    Our customer base encompasses a test center of a world leading beverage company, QC labs and GMP plants of pharmaceutical companies, laboratories in research institutes and universities, hospital laboratories, and environmental testing facilities. We look forward to serving our customers′ future needs with an ever-expanding range of products and services.

    For more information, please visit our website:
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