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TK-100 Hydrothermal synthesis reaction kettle
TK-100 Hydrothermal synthesis reaction kettle
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    Product Details:

    There is a U-shaped gasket in the explosion-proof hydrothermal synthesis reactor. After overpressure, the U-shaped gasket will be flattened to release the pressure. It has reliable overpressure relief protection and is safe to use. Explosion-proof hydrothermal synthesis reactors have been widely used in the research and production of petrochemical, biomedical, material science, geochemistry, environmental science, food science, commodity inspection and other departments.

    Product Feature:

    1. Good corrosion resistance, no spillage of harmful substances, less pollution, safe to use.
    2. After heating up and increasing the pressure, it can dissolve samples that are difficult to dissolve under normal conditions and samples containing volatile elements quickly and without loss.
    3. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, simple operation, shortened analysis time and reliable data.
    4. There are PTFE bushings inside, double-layer care, can resist acid, alkali and so on.
    5. It can replace the platinum crucible to solve the problem of sample solution processing for the analysis of trace elements in high-purity alumina.

    Products Parameters:

    Products Name

    Explosion Proof Hydrothermal Synthesis

    Working temperature


    Working pressure


    Heating and cooling rate


    Reaction volume


    Operation Pressure

    3 Mpa

    Chamber Material

    High quality PTFE

    The outer material is high quality stainless steel, the inner material is ptfe. The hydrothermal synthesis reactor is sealed with circular tenon groove, and the sealing effect can be achieved by manual screw to ensure long-term sealing without leakage.
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