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Movable PCR Sampling Chamber Single Person Size Nucleic Acid Sampling Cabin
Movable PCR Sampling Chamber Single Person Size Nucleic Acid Sampling Cabin
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    Safe Sampling Cabin for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

    The nucleic acid sampling cabin is a product designed for the sampling work of epidemic workers.

    - Safety: 
    1. Positive pressure system, +15Pa to ensure the safety of air flow, equipped with differential pressure gauge, so as to protect the safety of medical staff.
    2. The air supply system can achieve 99.95% level ventilation and filtration;
    3. After the sampling work is completed, UV light will be used for regular disinfection;
    4. Professional chemical protective gloves, avoid direct contact.

    - Comfort

    1. Air temperature treatment in the cabin to ensure a constant temperature state, which improve the comfort of medical staff, thereby improving the detection efficiency.
    2. The cabin is equipped with a sampling stool for easy rest;
    3. The location of the sampling port is reasonable to ensure the comfort of the sampler and the person being sampled.

    - Convenience:
    1. The body is an overall all-steel structure made of high-strength and lightweight steel;
    2. The bottom is designed with universal wheels and equipped with a brake system;
    3. The bottom steel beam can satisfy forklift loading and convenient transportation;
    4. The exterior is packed in wooden boxes and foam for safe transportation.

    Technical Specifications

    Frame structure The overall body is all-steel structure, 1.5mm thick maintenance steel plate, and the bottom is equipped with universal wheels;
    Door use purification closed door, with automatic sealing function, 1 piece;
    Floor Use 2mm thick anti - bacterial type transparent PVC floor.
    Window Use 8mm thick tempered glass with fine grinding on all around.
    AC System The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 1P, which meets the requirements of the cabin load, 1 piece
    Ventilation system Use well-known brand silent blower, with high efficiency filtration air outlet, filtration efficiency is 99.95%, 1 blower, 1 high efficiency filter;
    Sampling port Sampling gloves are acid and alkali resistant long-arm gloves, 700mm length, 1.2mm thickness, flange diameter 180mm, 1 piece
    Disinfection system UV disinfection equipment with timing start-stop device
    Decoration The cabin adopts clean decoration materials and warm color treatment.

    More Products for Option
    medical disposables and related PPE products for COVID-19.
    face mask, clothing/gown, glove, shoe cover, cap/hat 
    goggles, face shield
    disinfectant, disinfection/alcohol wipes, sanitizing dispenser (with or without temperature detection), sanitizer/disinfection stand, UV Disinfection Lamp
    COVID-19 rapid test kit, PCR sampling cabin(Nucleic acid testing and sampling shelter), virus sampling tube, disposable syringe and needle
    infrared thermometer, face recognition temperature detection machine, walk through metal+temperature detection security Door
    ventilator/ respirator, oxygen generator, patient monitor, anesthesia machine, etc

    Company Profile
    Xuecheng Global Trader Co., Ltd is one professional industry and trade company for lab furniture, integrating production, R&D, sales, installation and after-sale service, located in beautiful Olympic-Sailing City- Qingdao, China.

    After years' development, we have grown into one diversified company, engaged in lab furniture& lab equipment,school furniture& school supplies, medical furniture& medical equipment, etc

    Manufacturing &Shipping Process
    1. Raw materials preparation (kinds of plastic boards.and wood boards, steel plates)
    2. Cutting
    3. Punching
    4. Welding
    5. Bending
    6. Baking and Painting(semi- product)
    7. Assembly
    8. Packing
    7. Shipping

    CE, SGS

    Pls contact us for more!
    Cel&WhatsApp: +86 13808961232


    Xuecheng Global Trader Co., Ltd/ Jimo(Qingdao) Xuechengli Furniture Ltd
    founded in 2010, located in beautiful Olympic sailing city- Qingdao, is one professional manufacturer for lab furniture, integrating production, R&D, sales, installation and after-sale service.

    Xuechenglab got SGS and CE certification, we have professional R&D, production team, excellent after-sales support and rich market development experience.

    After years' development, we have grown into one diversified business company, involved in laboratory furniture, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, and we can provide one-stop solutions to the users with laboratory ventilation system, laboratory air cleaning system, laboratory gas supply system, etc

    Our products are widely used in medicine, chemical industry, commodity inspection, quality inspection, environmental protection, food and beverage, electronics, universities, hospitals, scientific research institutions and other industries.

    We have successfully exported our products to approx 40 countries and regions, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and European Union.

    We have been committed to providing overall solutions for the laboratory and medical industry, and we are also striving to become the optimal partner to customers all over the world.

    Strive to do every detail well to provide high-quality products and services to you!
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