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Visible UV Photochemical Photocatalytic Reactor
Visible UV Photochemical Photocatalytic Reactor
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    Visible UV Photochemical Photocatalytic Reactor

    Mainly used to study the gas or liquid medium, fixed or mobile
    systems, ultraviolet or simulated visible light, as well as
    whether the reaction vessel to load the TiO2 photocatalyst
    conditions under photochemical reaction.
    Main Feature
    ●Intelligent touch controller, stable and real-time monitoring of light intensity, making experiments more accurate.
    ●The power range can be set from 100W to 1000W.
    ●Response time can be set as needed.
    ●Internally illuminated light source, sufficient light.
    ●Equipped with an eight-position magnetic stirring device to make the sample fully mixed and exposed to light.
    ●Double-layer quartz cold trap can be passed into the cooling water circulation to avoid damage to the light source from excessive temperature.
    ●There are 2 special sockets on the left side of the box for the lamp source and the plug of the stirring reactor in the box.
    ●Equipped with a movable cart, easy to move or fix.
    Technical parameters
    ★Over-temperature protection can be set, and the automatic power-off system will be activated when the temperature is reached!
    ★Liwen integrated light source controller can be used for various light sources such as mercury lamp, xenon lamp.
    ★Power adjustment range of mercury lamp: 100~1000W adjustable.
    ★Power adjustment range of xenon lamp: 100~1000W adjustable.
    ★Refrigeration capacity of cooling water circulation device: >1000W
    ★The cooling water circulation device is equipped with casters and bottom drain valve, temperature range 5~35℃, volume: 10L6. eight tube magnetic stirrer - optional test tube 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml
    ★Specifications of quartz test tubes: 30ml, 50ml (or customized).
    ★Can process 8 samples at the same time (or customized).
    ★The eight-position magnetic stirring device can simultaneously adjust the stirring speed of 8 samples
    The following main accessories
    1. Reaction camera obscura
    -Dark chamber of size 500mm × 780mm × 450mm, weighs about 20kg.
    -Inside the black box in order to reduce light reflection.
    -2 side with holes to connect the cooling water pipe
    -On the back has fan for ventilation.
    2. The Light Source Controller
    ●Intelligent touch controller, stable and real-time monitoring of light intensity, making experiments more accurate.
    ●The power range can be set from 100W to 1000W.
    ●Response time can be set as needed.
    3. Mercury and mercury electric controller
    Dimensions and photoelectric parameters of high-pressure mercury lamp:
    Power(W) Starting current A Working
    Current A
    Voltage V
    Effective length of  arc  MM Wiring
    1000 12 10 220±20 170±10 Single-ended leads
    The spectral distribution and relative intensity of the mercury as follows:

    Wavelength (nm) 250 313 365 400 510 620 720
    Relative intensity% 20 85 100 30 20 40 80
    Note: The luminous parts of the mercury lamp as a quartz tube, direct hand contact will cause pollution, affecting the intensity of the light.
    Outside of the quartz containers commonly used to clean absorbent cotton dampened with a small amount of alcohol wipe, clean the inside with lotion.
    4. Xenon lamp and xenon lamp electrical controller
    Provide light for the 500W or 1000W xenon lamp normal and stable operation. Controller size is 245mm × 170mm × 180mm, weight 34kg. Control panel with the exception "light select" button, other buttons with the same mercury lamp controller. Xenon lamp spectral distribution and relative intensity similar to daylight.
    Xenon lamp optical parameters are as follows:
    Table 3 Dimensions xenon lamps and optical parameters:
    Power (W) Starting
    Current (A)
    Operating Current(A) Operating Voltage(V) Effective arc length(MM) Wiring
    500 8.3 18±3 50 220±20 Single-ended leads
    1000 12.4 30±3 60
    5. All quartz glass light protection or improvement of the cold trap
    The full- quartz or improved glass light protection cold trap not only has a the UV high efficiency penetration, also take away the temperature problems caused due to the light source to work long hours , make sure that the reactive substances only get light and no impact outside the experiment.
    Light source protection cold trap     Lamp placed in position         eg. Picture
    6. Special Reaction, Photochemical Reactor for Small sample, can be processed 8 different samples
    special reactor is a new type of reactor, the product promotion in the major university laboratory trials with successful results, praised by users.
    • Eight sets of magnetic stirring device, with 8 sets (12 Sets) of quartz material test tube, to provide customers with eight different style experiment container, suitable for multi - sample experiments and gathering .
    • The main components of the machine motor selection DC high power motor , stirring torque is large , noise
    Mixing capacity Stirring speed
    50ml Stepless speed 0 ~ 1600
    Mixing method Working voltage
    Strong magnetic 220V 50Hz
    Series Name Qty Configure as required
    1 Reaction camera obscura 1 Set Standard
    2 Intelligent touch controller 1 Set Standard
    3 Quartz cold trap 1 Pc Standard
    4 Mercury lamp 1000W 1 Pc Standard
    5 Xenon lamp 1000W 1 pc Standard
    6 Metal halide lamp 1000W 1 pc Standard
    7 8-Magnetic stirrer 1Set
    8 16pcs Jacketed Test tube(30ml 50ml)
    9 Magnetic stirrer 1000W 1 Set
    10 Sample reaction bottle(250ml or 500ml or 1000ml or made to order) 1 pc
    11 High temperature circulator (Heating up to 80 degree celsius) 1 Set
    12 Filter above 400nm pass through and cut off below 8 pc
    13 Filter below 400nm pass through and cut off above 8 pc
    14 Moving the cart 1 Set Standard
    15 Cooling water circulation device (Cool down the light source) 1 Set Standard
    16 Protective goggles 2 Pcs Standard
    17 Connected fixture and silicone tube Some Standard
    Can also be customized according to requirements

    Shanghai Leewen Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd. is one of leading professional manufacturing enterprises of low-temperature laboratory equipment and ultrasonic equipment, Photochemical products and other lab testing machine in china.

    Our company’s main products are grouped in 6 series:
    Photocatalytic Reactors
    Spray Dryer| Freeze Dryer
    Ultrasonic Instruments
    Low Temperature Water Bath
    Lab General Instruments

    Through all our staffs joint efforts ,our main products are exported to Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe and The United states, and other countries and regions, now we are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a new future together.
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