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RM1900 Absorbance Elisa Microplate Reader
RM1900 Absorbance Elisa Microplate Reader
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YK Scientific Instrument
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    RM1900 Absorbance Elisa Microplate Reader

    ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The ELISA reader is one of the most popular versions of a device called a plate reader which is designed to determine the presence of any sort of biological, chemical or physical presences in a small microtiter sampleSupporting Microplates, Cuvettes and NanoPlates.

    RM 1900 Capabilities
    1. Having a separate cuvette-detecting path,can be used as a UV-visible spectro -photometer.
    2. Protein quantification, supporting the methods of UV, Bradford, Lowry.
    3. DNA/RNA quantification.
    4. Assay for ELISA/EIA.
    5. Assay for MTT (IC50/LD50).
    6. Assay for cellular activity and cytotoxicity.
    7. Detecting Absorption of microbial suspension.
    8. Assay for activity of protease, kinase and phospholipase.
    9. Assay for absorbance of endotoxin-TAL (Tachypleus Amebocyte Lysate).
    10. Supporting all 96-well plates or UV plates.
    11. Supporting Detection of single-/dual-/multi-wavelength.
    12. Supporting kinetic messurements.
    13. Spectral scanning mode, can get UV-VIS spectrum.
    14. Wide temperature range incubation, the maximum temperature 65℃.
    15. Oscillation module, no need another shaker.
    16. Xenon lamp for light source, high luminous intensity and stability.
    17. Sample detector and reference detector ensure precise detection.
    18. Microplate analysis workstation with powerful data analysis capabilities.
    19. Using USB interface for easy instrument control and data transfer.
    20. Performance is similar with the products from developed countries, cost-effective.
    21. Corrected by ABS Validation Plates with Certification for GLP.

    RM 1900 Performance values
    1. Spectral range: 190 nm - 1000 nm
    2. Wavelength accuracy: ±1.0 nm
    3. Wavelength reproducibility: <0.2 nm
    4. Bandwidth: 5 nm (Customizable 2 ~ 10 nm)
    5. Stray light: < 0.005% (450 nm)
    6. Dynamic range: 0 ~ 4.000 OD
    7. OD accuracy: ± 0.003 OD or 2.0% (200 ~ 1000 nm)
    8.OD linear range: 0 ~ 2.500 OD (450 nm), ±2%
    9. Inter-hole reproducibility: < 0.006 OD
    10. Temperature: (RT + 2)℃-65℃
    11. Shaking mode: Linear
    12. Shaking speed: High, middle, slow
    13. Plate: 96, 384 well (other plate can be customized)
    14. Cuvettes: Yes

    RM 1900 Main construct:
    1. Main engine (include: light source, detector, incubator, shaker, cuvette analyzer)
    2. Workstation software of ReadMax 1900 Absorbance Microplate Reader

    Instrument accessories (Optional)
    1. MF-10 incubating oscillator
    2. Audit trail
    3. ND-10 Nanoplate

    Due to advances in technology, the company reserves the right to change the design without prior notice. Please understand.

    As professional designer, manufacturer and OEM producer for laboratory analysis, testing, measuring instruments, which incorporated in January 2006 in Shanghai, China, YK Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd offers products like UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Analytical Balances, Water testing facilities like Conductivity / PH meter, Moisture Analyzer and etc, for varies industries & fields .

    Currently we are producing an exceptional line ofinstruments that are ideal for the following

    -Medical Chemistry
    -Environmental Labs
    -Biochemistry Labs
    -Water/Waste Water Analysis labs
    -Agriculture Labs
    -Petrochemical Labs
    -Food Processing
    -Quality Control Labs
    -DNA/RNA Testing
    -Pharmaceutical Labs
    -Chemistry Labs
    -Hospital and Research Labs
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