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OLABO Mobile PCR Container Laboratory For Clinics
OLABO Mobile PCR Container Laboratory For Clinics
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    Technical parameter
    1.Single box structure, factory modular form a complete set
    2.Dimensions: 12192mm×2438mm×2896mm (l/D), standard container body, easy to transport.
    3.The wall is made of 2mm-thick reinforced wavy steel plate, and the floor is made of 5cm-thick special wood plate with high
    strength, which is suitable for transportation under various terrain conditions.
    4. 6mm thick high-quality steel support frame, stable and durable;
    5.Stainless steel outer door, double door design, with access control system;
    6.The surface is treated with rust removal, anti-rust paint and container special paint for three times. It is all-weather and
    Inside cabin
    1.The ceiling and internal partition walls are made of 50mm laboratory dedicated antibacterial purification board with a thickness
    of up to 0.426mm, which has good antibacterial effect, fire prevention, moisture-proof
    2.The Angle of Yin and Yang in the box is equipped with a special circular aluminum profile for the clean room, which ensures that
    the inside of the box is smooth and has no dead Angle, no ash accumulation, and is not easy to produce mold.
    3.Special steel clean sealed door, with glass observation window, two doors in buffer room have interlock device, and equipped
    with emergency opening device, can be manually opened in emergency situations such as power failure;
    Area arrangement
    1. The PCR laboratory was designed in strict accordance with the three functional divisions: reagent preparation area, specimen
    preparation area and product amplification and analysis area, with independent buffer room.In addition, configure the washroom and
    equipment room.
    2.The built-in PCR corridor facilitates the observation of the operation of each partition
    3.The pressure gradient decreases step by step according to the direction of reagent preparation area, specimen preparation area
    and product amplification analysis area, and the airflow trend is one-way flow.
    4.Each area is equipped with transfer window for goods transfer. The transfer window has the function of interlock and ultraviolet
    lamp disinfection.
    OLABO, we have over 2000 employees until now, specialized in biosafety protection, PCR equipment, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system, cold chain products, medical diagnosis project.
    Headquartered in Jinan City (Shandong Province), the company has 20 years of experience in the medical and scientific equipment industry and is committed to providing high-quality laboratory equipment products and services to distributors and customers.
    OLABO insists on the service concept of "Start with customer demand, End with customer satisfaction", have professional team of experts, scholars as well as other scientific research stuff. Until now, we have established cooperation with customers from all over the world.
    OLABO is one of your best trustworthy partner, welcome to start the business with us!
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