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Qingdao Haier Medical Product Division

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Room North 403B Brand building No. 1 Haier Road Haier Industrial Park Qingdao | 266101
Company Profile
Haier Bio-Medical is subsidiary of Haier Group China.

Haier Group is a global leading networked home appliance & furnishing supplier and virtual-real distributor .Founded in Qingdao, China in 1984, Haier has grown from a small plant close to bankruptcy into a global group with an annual turnover of 163.1 billion yuan (2012). It has five R & D centers, 61 trade companies, 21 industrial parks and over 80,000 employees worldwide, with its customers spread in over 100 countries and regions. According to the data released by Euromonitor, an authoritative consumer market survey agency, Haier has topped the list of global home appliance brands for four consecutive years and ranked 8th on the list of the "Most Innovative Companies 2012" released by The Boston Consulting Group.

Haier Medical and Laboratory Products Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, is based in China. We design, manufacture and market laboratory equipment for the global market. Our products are designed to enable scientific researchers across the globe to perform research projects and to produce pharmaceutical products.

〓Our Products〓

★ ultralow temperature freezers
★ blood banks
★ pharmacy refrigerators
★ ice-lined vaccine refrigerators
★ laboratory freezers
★ bio-safety cabinets
★ equipment for the laboratory and medical applications

Installations can be found in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and national laboratories. The successful growth of our business drove a continuous development of our manufacturing ability. Along with many state of the arts manufacturing equipment, we added a facility of 56,700 square meters in 2001 to meet the increasing demand of our customers.

Headquartered in Qingdao, China, our company is a part of Haier Group Company which is highly ranked as one of the key global manufacturers of durable goods.


★ ISO9001 quality system
★ ISO14001 environment protection system
★ ISO13485:2003 quality system

People’s Republic of China Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License People’s Republic of China Medical Device Registration Record Medical Device For Medical Device Category A,B and C from the State Food and Drug Administration

Our research and development team consists of highly qualified and selective professionals specialized in registration technology, control technology, remote sensing, sample protection and handling, networking technology.

Our business strategy and technological advancement have been very effective since the founding of the company. We now have shipped products to clients in over 100 countries.