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INTEGRA's Innovative Modules Simplify Magnetic Bead Purification Workflows

Hits:362   Date: 2/27/2024
INTEGRA Biosciences is excited to announce the launch of its MAG and HEATMAG modules for efficient, automated magnetic bead purification. These innovative solutions allow researchers to streamline several processing steps in molecular biology and proteomics workflows for maximum lab throughput. These time-saving devices are complemented by the COLDPLATE and BIOSHAKE – for precise temperature control and orbital shaking of magnetic beads, respectively – to further streamline protocols.
The MAG and HEATMAG modules are designed to revolutionize the speed and simplicity of magnetic bead purification. They boast exceptionally powerful magnets that automatically move up and down for fast and precise magnetic bead collection, removing the need to manually move plates and tubes to and from the magnet. The magnet height is also adjustable to match the volume requirements, and the modules are fully compatible with various labware formats to offer versatility like never before.
The HEATMAG provides all of these capabilities with the addition of a unique heating element for superior temperature transmission, making it the ideal solution for lysis and elution workflows. Both MAG and HEATMAG can be used as standalone devices, or paired with INTEGRA’s ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to offer seamless, walk-away magnetic bead purification with total confidence. Alternatively, combine the modules with the MINI 96, VIAFLO 96 or VIAFLO 384 pipetting platforms to process whole plates or multiple tubes simultaneously.

COLDPLATE and BIOSHAKE modules offer automated thermal and shaking control for greater reproducibility. The systems can be combined with the ASSIST PLUS, VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 platforms for high throughput workflows, or used as standalone plug-and-play modules.
“These top-of-the-range modules are incredibly exciting additions to our offerings for molecular biology and proteomics labs,” said Jan-Peter Baldin, Project Manager at INTEGRA Biosciences. “They make it easier than ever to achieve high quality magnetic bead purification, heating, cooling and shaking with minimal hands-on time, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.”

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more.
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